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the golden globes. did you watch? which was your favorite look? i have to admit, i didn't watch the show straight through in its entirety. from what i did see, it looked like the ladies kept it pretty safe this season. the riskiest ensembles were worn by lea michele and zooey deschanel, and the dresses weren't even that crazy. i guess everyone was overly concerned about getting on the "don't" list, or maybe the economy has an affect? down economy equals more conservative dressing? anyway, i realize my opinion counts for a hill of beans, but here are the looks that i really liked. 

  • rooney mara in nina ricci - any woman that can go from dragon tatoo to this show stopper, deserves to be on some kind of "do" list.
  • kristen wiig in bill blass - she's almost unrecognizable! she kept her look really polished and simple, which i can totally appreciate.
  • mila kunis in dior - again, simple and unfussy. added bonus: this is a dress you can shake your rump in - a definite criteria when selecting an awards dress.
  • sarah hyland in vintage dolce & gabbana - i am really favoring lace right now, so this look really stood out for me.

some noticeable trends: 
though i'm not a huge fan, the mermaid silhouette was out in full force this season. i also noticed a lot of nude (dresses and make-up).

last, but certainly not least, what did you think of ricky gervais? i thought he was a bit tamer than last year. in a recent interview with matt lauer, gervais said something that really stuck with me. when lauer asked him how he felt about people describing his humor as offensive, he replied, "i think offense is taken, not given. if you don't let yourself be offended, then you're not offended." it's so true. you - and you alone - decide how something will affect you. whether you let something affect you negatively or positively, it's on you. whether you have a good day or a bad day, it's up to you. "choose wisely", said the power of positive thinking. [wink]

source: all images from style.com

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  1. I can't believe that's Kristen Wiig! She looks amazing and I love her dress. Bridesmaids is the funniest film ever and what I love is that she was allowed to look her age, have wrinkles and facial expressions. I think she rocks.

    Ricky on the otherhand, I can't stand him and I'm so glad you guys have him now! You may keep him.I think he's a one trick past-it pony. And really isn't that just him saying it's ok to be as nasty as you like and accept no responsibility for any hurt you cause? I'm talking in the wider sense of course, not of offending C list celebs. I think it's very lazy comedy and something that Joan Rivers does immeasurably better.

    Sorry to disgree! But I also don't like mermaid dresses. They're weird!


  2. Funny, I noticed all the "nude" too, especially the lips! Where were all of our red lips? Are we that behind it all? BUMMER.

    Not so much a fan of the mermaid either, but then I don't have Sophia Vergara's body, now do I?

    I found Ricky to be tamer and not as annoying as some commenter above me (wonk, wink), but I think both points are taken.

  3. wonk wink? where are my editing skills?

  4. i love the dress at the top right. finally less make up! love the natural look!

  5. ditto leah. i didn't watch, but love the picture! happy tuesday!

  6. Rooney Mara is definitely on a "do" list in that outfit...a list I like to call "I'd do her." Ahem.

    Regarding Ricky, I love him and he can do no wrong. I thought he was definitely tamer, but still funny. He can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. That quote of his is so good. I've been living with that "choose wisely" mentality for a few years and it's really helped increase my positivity. When people are rude or confrontational, I can either rise to it or let it go. Because all it does is sit inside of you and make YOU feel bad. It isn't worth wasting time on that kind of stuff. Let it go. I'm with you and Ricky on the power of positive thinking :)

  7. @ANNIE - Bridesmaids was SO good! Honestly, I could of skipped the whole bathroom (poop and vomit) scene, but the rest was gold. So good to see women being real and funny.
    Yes, yes, I hear what you're saying about Ricky's comment. Whatever allows him sleep at night. ;)
    No apologies necessary. I welcome the candor.

    @LAUREN - No, I think nude is the trend. Red is the classic. We're all good.
    Hee-hee, wonk-wink. I hate when that happens. Oh, well, your amongst friends.

    @LEAH - Yes, I am also favoring this less-is-more makeup look. It's refreshing.

    @NOREEN - Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    @ERIN - Oh, no, you didn't. Well, as Lisbeth, she would do you too.
    I'll admit, taking the positive road isn't always easy, but it's so much better for the soul.

  8. I did not watch it but, of course, saw pics of dresses and heard about RG being a good boy. I'm with Annie on this one. Enough! Been and gone. Extras was the last show I enjoyed. The recent one about a dwarf actor was boring.

    Like any good artist, you have to move on. He has not moved on but keeps churning out same stuff. Good riddance!

    You've all eloquently commented on safe fashion and toned down make-up.

    On the subject of 'Lisbeth' and 'doing women. I totally was obsessed with Lisbeth in the original Swedish films. Noone can come close to her. Sorry!!

  9. i totally agree with ricky! i honestly find it a compliment if someone feels comfortable enough to make fun of me!


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