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don't you worry. wednesday is not turning into a food post day. if that were the case, i would starve you all to death. i have about ten go-to dishes that i like to make; one of them being breakfast-for-dinner, i kid you not. i love food and cooking (when the mood strikes), but if the recipe calls for more than ten ingredients and two pots, i'm out. this recipe is probably one of the most complicated dishes that i make, which means for you cooks out there, it's super easy. i don't know about you, but as the weather starts to get cooler (anytime soon, southern california?) i begin to crave comfort food. this recipe for meatloaf fits the bill quite nicely. in this version, i use ground turkey instead of ground meat so it's a bit healthier and leaner. if you want the recipe, i provided it below. i promise you the turkey loaf is pretty tasty (even though the name suggests otherwise) and it has a sweet tomato sauce that goes on top. i like to pair it with roasted butternut squash, and eat all of it over brown rice. 

what is your favorite comfort food? 

update: here is a brussels recipe that i think would pair nicely with this turkey loaf.

recipe from wintersburg presbyterian church cookbook (www.morriscookbook.com)

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  1. Love your layout! Both the recipe on the photo and the way you showed the ingredients. I usually have one big cooking day a week and it was on Monday. I made parmesan crusted tilapia and roasted potatoes. I make Ina Garten's roasted potatoes-the best potatoes I've EVER had!

  2. I'm with Michelle! Beautiful post and gorgeous presentation of the recipe! Two of your faves are two of our faves: breakfast for dinner (hello, yum!) and meatloaf. Funny, I'm talking about cooking today too, but later on. My brussels *would* go nicely with your meatloaf!

  3. I hate cooking and anything that takes longer and more brain power than mac and cheese from a box, so this seems out of my range. However, breakfast for dinner is like the best invention of all time. Kudos to you for indulging in it as well! Your photographs are gorgeous, the light in that first picture is just heavenly.

  4. Breakfast? For dinner?! Whatever next?

    I like dinner for breakfast myself;)

    Great photos, Theresa - your ingredients are too cute for words!

    I had meatloaf for the first time last year and loved it so much that I have, henceforth, vowed to cook it as little as possible.

  5. Sounds pretty tasty! I just might have to tried my hand at it : ) I too am a big fan of breakfast for dinner!!! It's my go to meal when nothing is thawed out or you just don't feel like being bothered with all those dishes!! Great job on the food styling!

  6. I would like to come for dinner! The photos are so beautiful - the lighting is really perfect. You're making me hungry! Thanks for the inspiration. :)
    - H

  7. I am loving everything about this post, including the food! We must be on the same wave length because I posted about butternut squash too today! How funny! Cheers to a home cooked meal, there's nothing quite like it! Oh and my fav comfort food is baked Mac and cheese!

  8. So glad to hear others are also into breakfast for dinner. I feel less lazy and guilty.

    @MICHELLE - I love Ina Garten (aka The Barefoot Contessa). Her recipes always turn out great for me. I will have to try that roasted potato recipe.

    @LAUREN - I agree, your brussels would go nicely with the turkey loaf. I just updated the post and provided a link to your recipe ;) Next time we should provide a wine pairing. (Ha!)

    @ERIN - HA! I add edamame to my mac & cheese so I feel like it's semi-healthy.

    @CHI - Hi, Chi! Thank you, thank you. I wouldn't call myself the best cook (I try), but I do know how to make it pretty (if not tasty).

    @Tori - Exactly! When nothing is thawed and I'm drawing a blank, I cook breakfast.

    @HEIDI - Thank you! You are welcome over for dinner anytime.

    @LIZ - I just read your butternut ravioli post and it looks really yummy! I love when couples work together in the kitchen. You two are so cute!

  9. Love both of these photos! Beautiful presentation and I'm looking forward to making that wonderful meatloaf!

  10. i'm with you on cooking! sounds wonderful, so thank you very much!

  11. i am a big fan of turkey meatloaf! i actually add goat cheese to mine and it give is an amazing texture! love the images... you are just so freakin talented:)

  12. That's a great post, it looks fab! I suspect my meals look better in photographs than they taste!


  13. Just saw this! And and extra hug and kiss for you, my dear!


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