do you have flor tiles in your home? we have flor tiles in my son's room and a few random squares used at the entry of some doors. the tiles are super easy to install and clean. plus, the colors and patterns they offer are really fun. gosh, this post is sounding like a paid advertisement! i promise, no dollar bills were exchanged for this post. however, i do have a confession: i get much decor inspiration from the flor catalog. yes, i know, a retail catalog! whoever does their styling is a genius. the catalog is always chalk full of decor inspiration. whether your decor aesthetic is vintage, modern, mid-century, or collected, there is something for everyone; sometimes all cleverly mixed in one room. confess, do you get inspiration from any retail catalogs? which ones?

source: all images via flor website

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  1. We don't have any Flor tiles, but I've often thought of them. I love the idea. Just haven't found a way to use them, ya know? And getting design ideas from catalogs? ALL THE TIME!

  2. We do have their tiles in our living room! They're orange and white stripes and we laid them out parquet style. Adds the perfect amount of fun and pop to the room. And I agree, the catalog is always super inspiring:)

  3. I don't have any in my house (yet!) but I love that they recycle the old ones if you turn them in! Considering how difficult it's been to find a decent rug for my living room, I might investigate this option. Question: do they stay put when you vacuum them? What about if you have a wild puppy that sprints around the house?

    I always derive inspiration from the Ikea catalogue. Lame, but true. I wait for it every year and then sit down with it like it's a good book and go through every page. It's the highlight of my year. Kind of.

  4. i just got the new catalog and am excited to go through it this weekend... along with my new (ish) dwell! i haven't used them YET but i know just the spot... once we finally re-do our last remaining bedroom!

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  6. I love the styling in this catalog too! I'm a sucker for the Mid-Century modern variety. A fun little story about this catalog is that its actually shot on location, in real Chicago homes. One of Joe's first photo assisting jobs was for their catalog and they even offered him some free tiles after he helped organized one of there sample rooms. Sadly, he didn't take any... men :)
    Anyways I'm always inspired by West Elm, Arhaus, and Jayson home and Garden's catalogs.

  7. Anthropologie is still one of my favorites even though I think I've outgrown some of their clothes.

  8. i love MCM {photo number 2 is lovely}! these carpet squares look great...
    my favourite catalogue is the 'toast' catalogue. i love their products, styling, the models they use....

  9. @LAUREN - Well, if you're ever in the need for a new area rug, give FLOR a try. The options and quality don't disappoint.

    @HAYDEE - Oh, I like your description. I can see this in your home; Just your style.

    @ERIN - Oh, yea, I also like the recycle angle. Thanks for mentioning it here. I vacuum them all the time and they do stay put. I think the tiles would withstand the Fitz test. If he does manage to ruin one, just replace it. Voila.
    The Ikea catalog is pretty good, and the best part is knowing you can buy everything in the pretty picture at a great price.

    @JULIA - Oh, yea, Dwell is another great catalog. FLOR needs to come out with a great Navajo pattern and then I could see your name written all over it.

    @LIZ - That's a great story. "Men!" is right. I'm thinking that working on any of these catalogs (styling, the photoshoot...) would be some kind of dream job. Jayson Home and Garden - Ah, love that store (they use to sell my stationery ;). May have to sign up for their catalog.

    @JENNIFER - Ha, I often think about whether I am still the target audience for some of these stores. I still love to go in though. Anthropologie is another great catalog, for sure.

    @LEAH - That's one of my favorite photos too. I've never heard of Toast...I'll have to check out their catalog.

  10. hello! never heard of them, but really cool. happy thursday!

  11. I do! I do! I do have it in my foyer and I often recommend them to clients ... I especially love their faux-cow hide look where the tiles come with the design outline in the back. I had it installed in one of my design projects and we all agreed that it looks so AWESOME. I agree .. their catalog is wonderful! For a while I tried to hunt down an art piece they had in their catalog, but no luck :( boo hooo!


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