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this very awesome site - the burning house - came to my attention a few months ago and i wanted to share it with you. the assignment: if your house was burning down and you had five minutes, what would you grab? i love how each individual person curates, styles, and photographs their items (little works of art). right behind loved ones (so thoughtful), some reoccurring items i noticed were imacs, cameras, iphones, and journals. equally important, don't forget your dunks, mj vinyl, and sunglasses. hmm, i see a book deal in this blogger's future. 

it's interesting to see what items people select, and sometimes how much! i mean, your house is burning down and you have five minutes. i don't think a person would have the presence of mind or the arm capacity to grab and carry all these items out of a burning house. i think i would shake my husband awake (because he can sleep through anything, whereas i on the other hand wake up if the neighbor sneezes), grab the kids, grab my iphone, and run out the door, all while trying desperately not to lose my mind. what would you grab?

source: all images from the burning house website
*this is a revised/updated repost

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  1. How interesting! After the darter, husband, cat and dog, there are definitely some shoes I would hate to lose! But definitely need to get the iPhone and iPad.

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  3. I, too, was astounded at the items people chose to take with them when I first came across the site you mentioned.

    In the heat of the moment (no pun intended, I promise you!), it would most certainly be my husband, daughter and phone (to call the Fire Brigade, family, etc.).

    It's easy to come up with well-thought out lists when flames aren't licking around the door!

  4. I definitely have the song "Burning Down the House" stuck in my head now on repeat. Damn you.

    That's a really awesome idea for a blog. I keep all of important mementos (cards and letters from my dad, trinkets, etc) in one box, so I'd grab that. Then his canvases. My camera, my pup, my rabby (a rabbit toy I've had since birth and have slept with every night of my life), my laptop. God, it's kind of a harrowing thought.

    My dad had a fire when my brother was a baby, and all he had time to grab was my brother....not even a pair of underwear. So he was standing in the street with his first wife and my brother, totally nude. Thankfully, the damage wasn't horrible, but yeah. That's why I never sleep naked.

  5. while i would love to think i would grab all kinds of cool stuff, i'm sure i'd do the same as you... grab my husband, my dog and my iPhone. maybe my chloe bag and wedding manolos. but only if i had the presence of mind to do so!

  6. Wow. Food for thought. Neel. Callum. Dogs. Phone. Camera. Computers. I'd hope for the time to get to some important art. Something dear to my boy because his transitions are hard. That means I'd be digging in his bed for Pooh. And Yellow Blankie.

  7. Erin don't you live with your boyfriend? Are you going to leave him to burn alive? And really, you live with your man and still sleep with a toy bunny?!

    I'm not sure I'd have time to curate all my items nearly like that with the flames licking at my ankles, but I'd grab my laptop, my boyfriend, my iPhone, my handbag and the photo of my from when I was two.

    Gosh, isn't it easier now that everything's on the laptop and we don't have to grab photo albums, paperwork etc?

    Great post Theresa!

  8. hi theresa - i agree with @insideology - it's wonderful that our pictures are here - on the computer.

    people. laptop and phone. then memories - my children's adoption photo albums. that's it. people - when we travel my husband says, "don't forget anything you can't buy." stuff can be replaced.

    happy thursday!

  9. Hi. I am in love with that site. One of my favourites. It's so cool to see people's treasures... yeah, definitely agree with book deal. Secretly I wanted to do my photograph of things I would take and send it to them... might still do that. Great post!

  10. I do live with my boyf, it's true. But he is in his early 30s and he can figure out how to use his legs and run out of the house on his own, it ain't up to me to rescue him. :)

  11. @Ann - Seems we are on the same wavelength. Family and then some "i" things.

    @CHI & ANNIE - "Flames licking"...You gals make everything sound so poetic.

    @ERIN - That's a great idea to keep important mementos in one box so you can easily grab it should an emergency arise. I still have my stuffed bear from childhood, as well. Though, my daughter now sleeps with it.
    And, that's exactly why I don't sleep naked either!

    @JULIA - OH, you so have to grab the Chloe and Manolos! Maybe you can keep the two together right under the side of the bed you sleep on so you can grab them quickly.

    @LAUREN - Ah, my son also has his monkey. I better grab that. Funny, my daughter doesn't have a favorite blankie or stuffy.

    @NOREEN - Great piece of advice from your husband. It really is the irreplaceable things you want to grab.

    @TINA - I think you should definitely submit an entry. I would love to throw my photo in there too. Fun!

  12. I'd take my cameras, lenses, iPad, glasses, quilt, and journal. That's probably only if I had enough time to even process the whole ordeal...Great post! These girls are hilarious!!

  13. THANK U for the reminder of this website! A friend of mine had told me about the site and I have been meaning to participate. I love the meaning of this 'experiment' .. of course people r the most important, but the lesson is to take a step back and analyze what items have lots of meaning to us (not that we would necessarily grab them all if there was a fire). I am def going to create a collage of meaningful things within my home :)


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