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i'm remembering this very special wedding we attended. as many of you know, last saturday night we attended a wedding and witnessed the union of two very special people.  the whole wedding had such a cool vibe. my favorite part was the bride's vows that she wrote. her words were a beautiful testament to the man she loves, and now calls her husband. (oh, i'm getting all verklempt just thinking about it.) our friend is one lucky man. above is a mash up of the evening's festivities and here is a quick synopsis:
  • the wedding was held at the royal t, which is a cafe, gallery shop, and event/art space.
  • understanding where the wedding took place helps to explain why that giant, white dog doesn't look out of place.
  • "love will find a way just give it time", this quote greeted guests at the door.
  • these leather badges were handmade by the groom and directed guests to their assigned tables. i told you the bride and groom were super creative! (for the favors: handmade, embossed leather book marks.)
  • succulents were used in abundance. the plant made for the perfect boutonnière. isn't it lovely?
  • a succulent wreath at the "altar" where the bride and groom exchanged vows and where their best friend acted as officiant.
  • at the wedding, the couple brought in a photo booth company, including silly props.
  • oh, just my daughter hamming it up. (sorry, couldn't resist.)
  • the wedding party. glamorous, old hollywood, and artsy, right? 
  • the kids are alright, and looking sharp.
thank you for indulging me and letting me go on and on about this wedding the last few weeks. this weekend will be quieter and calmer. however, the weather is in the 80's, so we will definitely get out and do something fun. what about you? what are you up to this weekend?

if you find yourself with some time this weekend (ha!), i wanted to leave you with some things that i was loving this week: 

enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Yay, Photoshop layout! You go girl! I knew you could get the hang of it. It's easy peasy, right? Well, maybe a little frustrating at first, but it does get better the more you do it. Like most things in life.

    I cannot stand how cute your kids are! And their names! Goodness gracious, too adorable. The striped tights are perfect, and the photobooth props look like so much fun (pinning that idea for my one-day wedding...). You guys are a good looking family!

    Are those Pantone folding chairs in the first picture? SWOON.

    have a great weekend, Theresa! Enjoy the nice weather :)

  2. Also, super in love with the yiddish you threw in there. Verklempt! I say 'shvitzing' on a daily basis, that's a fun one.

  3. Pleaseeee can I have your daughter? She's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I could look at photos of her all day. I LOVE her outfit and her professional pose :o)

    And yes Eames is an awesome name.

    What a lovely wedding, sounds beautiful. I love the photo booth photo, so nice to see what you and hubby look like and you're so very pretty.

    How does Erin know you did the collage in PS?!

    Hope you have the best weekend and enjoy the weather xx

  4. Let me just tell you how much I love your photos and recap of the wedding! It sounds and looks like it was an event never to be forgotten! You and your family are beautiful!

    P.S. i just downloaded the photoshop elements trial because I was inspired by your post yesterday so that's what I'll be doing this weekend!

    P. S.S. thanks for the shout out!

    Have a great weekend! We'll meet back up on Monday?!?!

  5. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful wedding, recapped so beautifully here. Your family is so beautiful! Succulent altar: SO amazing! Those leather badges: divine.

    We just didn't do weddings like this when I got married. Makes me want to renew my vows and invite all of you guys!

    Eames is a perfect name for a perfect daughter. Happy weekend, dear.

  6. What can I possibly add? Everything is gorgeous. Your collage, your family. I will adopt your daughter if you twist my arm:)

    You all look beautiful, very glam and happy! All the effort was worth it.

    Have a good weekend!

    Erin, Jackie Mason is doing his farewell tour in London in March. Do I or don't I? That's the question!

  7. that picture of your daughter needs to be blown up and put in a frame. wow. i love the saying - "love will find a way just give it time". so hopeful and romantic. the bride and groom - and you all, too! - look so happy. don't you love a unique and wonderful wedding?

    thanks for sharing! - so photoshop, huh? do tell!

    running the sports bus this weekend. and just running, too. joy to you!

  8. cute shots t. and photoshop! i am totally impressed {and a tad jealous}.
    you guys are all so cute! lovely pics, thanks for sharing! happy weekend love x

  9. Great collage and honestly, you have a GORGEOUS family and I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE your kids names! Wow! Looks like it was a wedding filled with love, creativity and togetherness. Oh, and the styling....couldn't have been more perfect :)

  10. Thanks everyone for your oh-so-sweet compliments. My kids are officially blushing.

    @ERIN - You have a trained eye for design. Those are Pantone folding chairs. They also had mugs. You would have loved everything in that entire shop.
    I never heard of "shvitzing". Might have to use that one. Same meaning?

    @ANNIE - Your killing me with compliments. (Shh, I secretly love it.) Didn't you know that Erin is really Lisbeth Salander...She knows I used PS because she hacked into my computer. No, I mentioned to Erin in the comments from yesterday's layout post that I was going to give PS a try with Friday's post.

    @TORI - You'll have to let me know how you like PSE. Like Erin said, it takes practice. We could help each other out when we get stuck.

    @LAUREN - I was just thinking the same thing! I would love to renew my vows and plan another wedding. There are so many great wedding ideas out there now.

    @TINA - Thank you, thank you. I had to look up Jackie Mason. Hope you or Erin can elaborate.

    @NOREEN - Yes, love a good (and unique) wedding. It's also a great time to reflect and think about your own relationship/marriage. Hope you got some great running in this weekend.

    @LEAH - Please don't be impressed. There were plenty of frustrating moments. :) BUT, I did get it done and will keep practicing.

    @JENNIFER - Thanks, J! As someone who loves art, I think you really would have appreciated all the details in this wedding.

  11. At the risk of parroting everyone else .........
    What a super-cute, picture-perfect family you have! It looks like you all had a blast. :D

  12. "Shvitzing" equals "sweating." I use it even when I'm not actually sweating, just when I'm getting nervous/anxious about something.

    Tina, GO to see Jackie Mason! Go go go!


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