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i am coveting balance in a very big way. last week, i mentioned that the first week of the new year kicked my butt. while it's true that we were productive and got much accomplished, i was also staying up late every night glued to some sort of technology, and not feeling particularly productive about it. (hence, the true meaning behind my "butt kicking" statement.) last thursday night, as i was finishing up my post for friday, and simultaneously checking email, twitter, and instagram, it all caught up with me - digital overdose. luckily, i didn't die. on the contrary, i woke up the next morning and read erin's post where, lo and behold, she was experiencing the same feelings i was the night before - the need to find balance in this whole social media circus. as bloggers, i realize it's our goal to be more social, not less. however, i believe adhering to some sort of schedule whereby you allocate a certain amount of time for each activity - such as blog research, creating blog posts, replying to comments, commenting, reading your favorite blogs, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest...(you get the picture) - is necessary for one's sanity (and your family's). 

there was a time when i adhered to a digital schedule, but right around the time that i got on twitter that schedule flew out the window. now, my schedule (or rather lack thereof) is haphazard and reactionary, at best. it's kicking my butt. so, i'm trying to find my way back and reestablish a digital schedule. i'm not sure what that schedule looks like right now, but once i sort it out, i'm going to commit it to paper and pin it to my bulletin board (along with my 2012 goals ;). once this beast is harnessed, i know i will get way more reading done and shaved ice time with my kids, which pleases me to no end.

i'm curious, are you struggling with balance? how do you juggle it all and not let guilt set in when something slips? do you maintain some sort of schedule?* if so, what does it look like? erin had mentioned that she is going to work her digital schedule like a job - from 9ish-to-5ish - and then everything gets turned off. it's certainly a step in the right direction. whether you plug-in or plug-out this weekend, make it great everyone!

*i believe this subject pertains to bloggers and nonbloggers alike.

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  1. My "schedule" is as follows: I get as much done as I can when my daughter sleeps. That includes social networking, working on my collection, blogging, etc.

    Once she's in bed for the night, I OD on me-time and often end up in bed at stupid o'clock in the morning.

    I'm super-determined to have an early night tonight but we'll see how that goes! :D

  2. Oh my gosh, your kids are just beautiful. I'm struggling too. I had a balance about all this 'net stuff too, and a schedule for blogging and checking blogs that seemed to work nicely. Went totally out the window at the holidays and I want it back. That's my goal for next week. Back on track baby. Have a good weekend with your dears, dear.

  3. Holy cow your kids are adorable. I love your daughter's expressive little eyebrows!

    I'm so in support of finding a balance. Having an online presence as a blogger requires so much time on the internet as you said (pinterest alone takes up a chunk of my time!) that's it's really hard to turn it off. I'll say that it gets easier; I'm a week or so in and the impulse to surf surf surf until my eyes are bloodshot has decreased significantly. It gets easier! Once I set that fixed rule for myself that all connection gets turned off at 5:30, it became easier to abide by. just the fact that you've acknowledged that you want a balance is a big step, so give yourself some credit! :)

    Have a great weekend, Theresa! I'm lying low this weekend, and hopefully make a trip to my favorite place on earth: IKEA.

  4. hi theresa,

    i decided to keep the computer off on saturdays! it was hard, but felt so wonderful - and the house got a LOT cleaner! but i'm a deadbeat twitter person, and pinterest, too. i have to prepare lessons and work. then my family comes next (well, first, but in terms of working time..) also i just chose to post only 5 days per week - i used to post on the weekends, too. but i need my 3d life to run well.

    AND i can certainly understand how the new year kicked your butt if you were not getting enough sleep. sleep first!!

    gotta go! hugs and warm weekend wishes to you.

  5. @CHI - I have about the same schedule as you. It's the getting to bed at the stupid o'clock that's killing me. May have to turn in early tonight, as well. Great idea!

    @LAUREN - Thank you! It really is amazing how even the simplest schedule can make a world of difference. Wishing us both luck.

    @ERIN - Thank you! Along with those expressive eyebrows, my daughter also has an expressive (aka sassy) attitude to match. My mom is smiling as I receive this payback.
    I have to thank you for helping me flush this post out. Have fun at Ikea. Hope you'll share your shopping adventures with us.

    @NOREEN - I noticed you were posting on the weekends! Unplugging on Saturdays and Sundays seems like a great first step, for sure. And, you're right about sleep first. I'm one of those people who need 8+ hours of sleep each night or else I'm moody and make bad food choices the next day. Do you know Martha Stewart says that she only sleeps 4-6 hours a night?! How is that possible? I wish...I would get SO much done!

  6. food for thought! i'm not juggling time management very well. in australia the kids are on school holidays {until 27th of january}. hopefully i can put a plan in place then. thank you for such kind words my love x

  7. OMG - how gorgeous are your kids?
    I am in awe of any of you who have husbands, kids and embark on the world of blogging and everything that comes with it.
    I am not doing that well with the balance stuff... I noticed that since blogging (new to it) I certainly have gone to bed later and later so like all of you ladies, have to work at finding better ways. I also need 7-8 hours sleep to function at my best. Thank you for bringing it to my attention:)

  8. Aaaah I want your kids they're so cute! Your daughter is sooo cuddly and I love her outfit. Lovely to see a photo of them.

    I'm dying. I was fine when I wasn't working and now I'm working 9-5 trying to ignore all this at work (I've even tried leaving my iPhone in my handbag but I still manage to check it eleventy seven times an hour).

    Blog in the morning before work, or on the train. Twiter and Facebook I'm pretty reactionary nowadays.

    I'm finding it soooo hard to blog every day. I have enough ideas but sometimes just don't have the willpower or discipline to do it and if you feel off you write a rubbish post anyway (I've just trashed a whole post which is gutting).

    The only thing I have in check is that I only spend time on Pinterest on weakend mornings. That has now become fun rather than a chore.

    what have we all let ourselves in for? But please don't stop blogging any of you! x

    PS my captcha today on your site is 'wally poo'!

  9. I totally read that article about Martha sleeping only 4 hours too! So does Warren Buffett and Einstein was the same I think! I think my husband would LOVE it if I adhered to a schedule. He told me he wanted to throw my iphone out the window on Saturday because I was too busy reading twitter to notice the beautiful sunset as we were driving down PCH. To show him I could unplug, the three of us walked to the park and played for an hour while my phone sat on the table at home. Twitter and pintrest are so much fun, but have become such a timesuck for me and since I started blogging, getting to bed before midnight has become a rarity. I keep hoping it will all get easier...

  10. @LEAH - Thanks for stopping by; Missed you. During this time, finding a groove that brings you some happiness and peace is the best approach. Do what makes you happy right now. xo

    @TINA - Thank you, T! It's reassuring to know that others are struggling to find a happy medium/comfort zone with all this social media.

    @ANNIE - Thank you, thank you! Yes, what have we got ourselves into?! But, you're right - I couldn't stop...I wouldn't stop. The blogging community brings me too much joy.
    PS~'Wally Poo'? That's hilarious.

    @JENNIFER - Ok, Martha, Buffett, Eintstein...I'm sensing a trend here. In order to rule the world, you must do it on less than six hours of sleep! Good on you for unplugging for a bit. I think (I hope) we'll all figure this out soon.
    PS~Thank you for the compliment ;)

  11. Loved this post! I feel the same way. I don't have a schedule at this point but need to start one. I think having a set time to turn OFF my computer/iphone would be greatly beneficial and probably spark more creativity. Probably easier said than done though :)

  12. i hear ya! it's a struggle for me too... i've got to figure out how to balance better before i have kids or else i know i'm going to be in for a rude awakening!

  13. I have no balance right now. I'm feeling a little burnt out. I have content for a blog post this morning...but, ugh...I'm just too tired to write! So, I'm catching up on blogs. :-) And I haven't checked twitter in a couple of weeks. I am failing!

  14. Oh, those are your kids! What a sweet picture! They are so precious!


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