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so, how did the first week of the new year treat you? can i confide in you? it kind of kicked my butt. i don't know if all of the hullabaloo of december was finally catching up with me or if i tried to do too much, but i crashed. i know all i need is a few nights of restful sleep. working on that...

here is a glimpse of how the week looked:
  • eat. on new year's day, we visited family and ate lucky japanese food. those beans you see are azuki beans. they are sweet and your supposed to eat one for every year of your life, plus one. so, yes, i ate 41. 
  • sketch. i also did a little drawing for the wonderful team over at the post social for their new year's day post. (you can check it out here, if you like.) i had so much fun thinking of fun ideas and spending a whole morning just sketching. it was the perfect way to start off the year. thanks again for thinking of me, tps. 
  • go. on monday, we headed to the farmers market and the grove - you know, where they film extra with mario lopez? we actually did see mario filming some outtakes for the show. he looks exactly the same in person as he does on television, which is a good thing. 
  • undecorate. on tuesday, i finally took down all the chrsistmas decorations and cleaned the house like a woman gone mad. i'm actually one of those rare birds who loves to clean (instant gratification at its finest), but even i took on too much that day. at least, it's done. 
  • print. so, i have to ask, how are your resolutions goals coming along? yea, i feel you. well, here's a really fun and awesome print by teresa wozniak that i found via adorned. if my goals were committed to paper in such a beautifully designed way, i would most definitely be able to cross each one off my list by year's end. fo sho. 
  • take. so, i wanted to take a moment to highlight all the wonderful photo projects that are taking place in the blogosphere right now. erin of like / want / need has a project 365 and lauren of still + life has a project 52! make sure you check them out, when you get a chance. these ladies take some great photos, and their individual projects inspired me to want to get in on the action. (darn you, erin and lauren.) wouldn't you know as soon as i put that thought out into the universe, i learned about a photo a day challenge from leah of sang the bird. this challenge was started by fat mum slim and asks participants to take a photo a day in the month of january using a list of prompts that she provides. here are the guidelines if you want to join the fun (it's never too late) or if you're just curious. i'll be sharing the photos via instagram (@inspirationcoop) and randomly on twitter. day 1 of the challenge was to take a photo of yourself - ugh, not my favorite subject - but there you have it. (had to add a little depth of field to blur out my face; baby steps.) do you have any fun projects/challenges that you're working on?
ok, i think i covered everything. oh wait, how could i forget?! we also went to see the star wars exhibit at the science museum. needless to say, my son was in heaven. have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. I'm totally with you on cleaning. Instant gratification at it's finest. I clean when I'm anxious or upset about something, because it takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me. I'm sort of a clean freak and I stock pile Clorox wipes like they're being discontinued.

    I'm excited about your photo a day challenge! You look great in that picture. Stripes! You've got amazing style.

  2. Oh you sweet girl, look at you! And *look* at you! Stripes! Skinny sparkle belt! It's you!

    I like cleaning too, believe it or not. Dusting is calling me, but there's other work to do. Boo. And I'm so glad you're taking photos. Can't wait to follow all the fun...

    Thanks so much for linking to me...what will it take to get one of your amazing sketches? I lovelovelove them. xo

  3. hello theresa, it took me a long time to read your post today because i clicked all the links. thank you! however, i don't know how to see your picture? also it does not sound like the new year kicked your butt! it sounds like a productive and interesting week! your sketch is beautiful. the star wars exhibit would be my son's dream come true. how old is your son? mine is 10. have fun with the photo challenge. can't wait to see them... and happy, relaxing weekend.

  4. @ERIN - Cleaning is therapeutic, isn't it? Put some music on, move your body, get some aggression out, and, voila, your house is clean. A win-win. Though I love the aesthetic, that's why I could never live with all white interiors. By the end of the firs week, they would have to put me in a straight jacket.
    PS~Muchas gracias on the compliment ;)

    @LAUREN - I thought I could handle and commit to a one month photo challenge. The clincher was being able to take the photos with your iPhone/Instagram - easy. Whenever you want a sketch, just holler.

    @NOREEN - Thank you for reading it all. You're the best. In hindsight, it was certainly productive. The science museum was inspired by you and all your lovely museum pics. While not fine art, my 4 y/o loved it, and your 10 y/o would love it even more so (he's really more the right age).

  5. I was terribly behind on blog reading (and writing) through the holidays, but I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying catching up with your posts!

    Wishing you a inspiring, stripe and sparkle-filled New Year. (Love the J Crew glitter flats, and I wish I had an excuse to wear them everyday. The stripes are easier to get away with :)

  6. Omg I love your outfit, you look amazing! I wish I was better at wearing skirts. And is that a JCrew striped tshirt?

    I too am feeling inadequate next to L's & E's photography commitments so I'm going to check out the one you're doing now.....

    And thanks for the link to adorned, what a great blog.

    Sorry you've had such a tiring week but yes, it does sound like you've done some brilliant things.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. @ALEXANDRA - Thanks so much for spending a little of your time here. You know I appreciate it. I've been meaning to tell you that I'm looking forward to your new series - If Emily Posted.

    @ANNIE - Thanks girl! Yes, that's J.Crew...How did you ever know? ;)
    Oh, yes, go check out Adorned, written by Mackenzie Clark (fellow BYW). Sweet site, meant to say that in the post. Have a great week.

  8. Oh don't tempt me with more projects, nooo!! I have to finish my sketchbook project this month. I'm on spread number...3.

    Sounds like you had a productive week, which always makes me feel really good.

  9. thank you SO much for the sketch... we love you, talented theresa!


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