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have you written your thank you cards for all the christmas gifts that you received? i'll be working on mine today (knock on wood). i usually like to make my own thank you cards. the card above is one that i actually made for my husband on valentine's day a few years back. about a hundred or so tiny embroidery knots make up that heart. labor of love, for sure. i use to have time for such pleasures (before kids...and blogging ;). though, one of my new year's resolutions goals is to create more. if i could just remember how good i feel when i'm working and creating things with my hands, i would do it more often. hm, i wonder if there's an app for that?

these days, i do still make my own thank you cards, but they usually consist of a pretty colored envelope and different colored inside notecard from paper-source. (have you seen all the wonderful colors they offer? the retailer is a paper lovers heaven.) it's quite simple, really. buy an outer envelope in say, night, and an inside card in say, persimmon, and you have yourself a plain and simple thank you note. however, if even that task seems too much, paper-source also has an amazing section of pre-made thank you cards (see below for proof). so, there you go. get to it*...go write your thank you notes because those gifts came from people who are now probably waiting for some gratitude.
image source: paper-source

*or have you already finished writing your thank you notes? then, bravo!

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  1. Er, Uh....Hmmmm. Scuffs toe in sand. I'll get right on that. Harumph.

    On a happier note: gorgeous paper!

  2. I love Paper Source. Not only do they have an amazing collection for paper-lovers, they also have fun whimsical things like mugs and stamps and little knick-knacks (at least the one in Philly does). Really sweet idea, one I'd never really thought of because I usually get gifts from people in person so we say our "thanks" there. Still, I think it would be nice to send an extra thank you, so I might start working on my gratitude...

  3. Love the handmade card Theresa! I'd like to make that one of my goals for the year...to handwrite more cards/letters. It's almost a lost Art! Kids probably don't even know what pen pals are anymore : (

  4. Hi Theresa. I am from BYW London. Love that you make your thank you cards. I love making Christmas cards but cheated this year by printing up a photograph I took.. They did such a good job but must admit there isn't anything nicer than hand-making them.

  5. Well, umm, no. But these make me want to! I saw you caught up on the photo a day!! Yay! Me too. See you over there as well!

  6. your valentine thank you is a keeper! you can sew?? god love you. amazing. i love charlie harper, too. i think he was a cincinnatian. i still have two thank-yous to do, and it will be the weekend before i get to them. thanks for reminding me. joy and happy thursday!

  7. @LAUREN - No pressure, just a friendly reminder. :)

    @ERIN - Yes, I love all the other great stuff Paper-Source has to offer, as well. If I'm sans kids, I can definitely lose track of some time in there.

    @TORI - IT IS almost a lost art. Did you hear that public schools are considering not teaching cursive in elementary? Hawaii and Arizona already stopped. Sad.

    @TINA - Hi, Tina! I know you from Annie's site. Thanks for stopping by and nice to have you as you always leave great comments ;)

    @ANN - This photo a day challenge is fun, right? Yes, I'm caught up now except for the Day 1. ME photo. I'm thinking I'll share it tomorrow on the blog. [wink]

    @NOREEN - I know, isn't my husband sweet for keeping it? Well, it took me so long to make, I wouldn't dare let him throw it away! ;) You are way ahead of me in writing the thank you's...I didn't start today as I had planned. No good.

  8. Ur thank u card is sooo pretty!!! It is even so much more special when we actually create our own (where to find the time!!! :O),I mixed ... got stcoked thank u card but added a bit extra on certain things ... like a felt heart, or with my hubby's card I like putting on RED lipstick and kisiing the cards :) my lip 'prints' haha. Have a GREAT day!!!

  9. Seriously? That card you made for your husband is beyond! Love it! Maybe I'll take the $6 I usually give to Hallmark and make one too :)

  10. @ADA - I love the 'lip print' idea. Romantic and cute.

    @JENNIFER - Thank you, thank you. Yes, save your $6 and let's have a handmade card making party. :)

  11. Theresa it looks like you've shamed us all! I haven't sent one card, how bad is that? It's a really lovely idea though and you're so right, we never have time any more to do little things like this. Everytime I do something creative with my hands I love it and find it so enriching and then I never prioritise it. Perhaps we should start a blogging commitment to do it once a week and blog it or something!


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