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shake it out by florence + the machine. have you heard the band's new release? it's pretty spectacular. (the group has a whole new sophomore album titled ceremonials which was released in november.)

florence recently did an interview with lisa robinson of vanity fair in the november 2011 issue. when asked to describe her influences and music, i loved her response...

lisa robinson: you're constantly-and incorrectly-compared to kate bush, sinead o'conner, pj harvey. what men have influenced you?
florence welch: i always wanted to sound like a man, like jeff buckley or tom waits. i love otis redding and sam cooke-that raw power in their voices. when i first heard same cooke's ["a change is gonna come"], that song literally floored me-i had to lie down. then for a while i would only listen to spiritualized...and i'm a huge hip-hop fan. i'm a musical slut-i find everything interesting.
l.r.: your music has been described as "exhilarating," "tribal," "witchy," "festive." do you agree with any of that?
f.w.: there's [a]lot of movement in all those adjectives, which i like. i like "festive." what does that mean? that i make holiday music?

i'll take your holiday music anytime, ms. welch, anytime. 12 more days until christmas. happy monday everyone!

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  1. Oh wow! a holiday album by those guys would be great! Happy Monday, Happy week!

  2. Love her voice. Love that she's a hip-hop fan:) Stereotypes out the door!

  3. I love F+M too! My 20 month old loves dancing to Dog Days Are Over :)

  4. Love her music! If I find all kinds of music interesting does that make me a musical slut too?!? hmmmm

  5. @Lauren - Yes, a real proper holiday album from them would get me right in the mood.

    @Happenstance - I love when artists break all the molds.

    @CalChic - My kids love Dog Days, too!

    @Tori - Hello, my name is Theresa and I, too, am a musical slut. Stand up and be counted! :)

  6. oh i love f&m!
    theresa, i love my holiday music to have a twist. this fits the bill perfectly.... 12 days... xxx


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