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when i was young, a charlie brown christmas was something i really looked forward to seeing every year during the holidays. it was on again this year...did you happen to catch it? we recorded the show for the kids. i wasn't sure how they would respond to it given that cartoons are so slick and (computer) animated these days. to my surprise, they both really enjoyed it, along with frosty the snowman (another classic).

hope you all had a wonderful weekend. i'll be back with how everything went over here. i'm here writing, so that's a good sign that i survived. however, it was super busy! so busy that i couldn't squeeze in any time to visit my favorite blogs, comment, or reply to any comments. (i'm a bad blog friend. :) five more days until christmas! happy monday everyone!

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  1. We just happened to catch Charlie Brown Christmas too! Neel and Callum loved it especially because Snoopy reminds us of our own beagle, Lucy. Glad you survived the weekend. Can't wait to hear how it all turned out!

  2. hi theresa, last year i bought a dvd of all the cute christmas shows. it's comfort and cheer. i thought of you having that party yesterday. i'm glad it went well and that you are still here - and writing even! rest well, you earned. joy!

  3. Glad you survived the weekend!
    That Charlie Brown song is one of my all-time favorite holiday songs. It gives me chills, I love the slightly scratchy sound in the recording, and the darling little voices. I loved watching this movie growing up, and all of the Charlie Brown movies. Which one was it when Snoopy went to visit his uncle with the mustache who lived in the desert next to a cactus?
    Frosty is a classic, and so is Rudolph. I love the old classics!

  4. @LAUREN - Beagles are such beautiful dogs. I love that her name is Lucy. Is it in honor of the Peanuts?

    @NOREEN - Ah, thanks for thinking of me. 40+ peeps plus 14 kids under six y/o! It was a partay for sure.

    @ERIN - I never thought about it, but that song is pretty chilling with the scratchy sound and little voices. Like you, I still love it. Glad you survived the weekend, too!


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