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from the deep recesses of my heart, i hope you all had the merriest christmas! and, just like that, it's done. all the gift deciding, buying, wrapping, and giving...done. before you know it, 2011 will also be behind us. so, i thought it would be fun if we could take this week to reflect on the year that was 2011.

let's start with the best songs of 2011. mind you, this list only represents my humble opinion (music we were endlessly listening to); a music critic i am not. so please feel free to suggest any additional songs you think should be on this list. i welcome your recommendations as a) you may be way hipper than me when it comes to music and b) you may introduce me to a new song/artist that i end up loving (i'm always on the hunt for new, cool music.)

in no particular order, here goes:
  1. adele, rolling in the deep
  2. adele, someone like you (for eames)
  3. broken bells, the high road (we listened to this on repeat in hawaii)
  4. naked and famous*, young blood
  5. florence + the machine, shake it out
  6. noisettes**, never forget you (video featured above)
  7. kanye west and jay-z, paris*** (best collaboration of 2011 and sound bite by will ferrell)
  8. bruno mars, it will rain (no, i'm not a twihard ;)
  9. the black keys, howling for you
  10. foster the people, pumped up kicks (for townsend)
of course, there are so, so many more songs, but i'll stop at 10. i'm curious, what music moved you or got you moving in 2011?

*for miss b and hustle
**for san diego songbird, and my family, friends, and fellow bloggers
***for all my hip-hop and/or paris lovers out there

3 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. well hello! i'm not sure who sings what, but my ipod is very fun to run or clean with. there is a jason mraz song on it, and some old showtunes, and various other stuff. one night i was listening to it and just cleaned the whole kitchen without thinking. wow! i need to listen to my ipod more! happy end-of-the-year contemplating. n

  2. The whole new Florence + the Machine album got me moving this year. What an amazing album Ceremonials is. Love the Noisettes, too.
    Isn't it crazy how much insanity leads up to Christmas and then poof! just like that, it's over. I hope you & yours had a wonderful time and got everything you asked for and then some :)

  3. @NOREEN - Hm, the cleaning with iPOD (or music on) is a practice I'll have to try. I would get the whole house cleaned lickity-split.

    @ERIN - Yes, insanity. I'm kind of feeling like you were feeling the day after your birthday. Time to put my energy elsewhere, like thinking about 2012.


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