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we will be hosting three holiday parties here at the casa this month. one for my husband's side of the family, one for my side of the family, and one for our friends...each one with no less than 10 kids and gift exchanges. whew! shhh, a little secret: i haven't even started on any of it. the last of the great procrastinators, i tell ya.

so, i'm on the hunt for holiday decorating, gift, and cute outfit ideas. i'm starting with:
  • lonny magazine - for great interior decorating ideas
  • rue magazine - for a stellar gift guide that covers a full spectrum of recipients, plus inspirational sneak peeks
  • gifted - for truly special handmade, shop-small gifts (many under $30! whaaa?!)
  • sweet paul - seriously amazing diy decorating ideas (plus, food styling and photography that will make you drool) 

...and continuing to visit my favorite blogs. i will also be using pinterest to its fullest capabilities. i welcome any additional inspiration you have to share. seriously, i need it. how are you handling all the holiday stress festivities? have you started? are you done...no, don't tell me if you're done, it will only make me feel like a loser.

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  1. Wow, how festive of you, 3 parties?? Well at least know that your in good hands with these e-mags to serve as awesome holiday inspiration! My quick tip (something I used for a party I threw last weekend) use all your glass vessels, vases, bowls,and cake stands to put glass ornaments, candles, and or ever greens in. Place in a small group or all around your home! Happy festivities to you!

  2. Dang girl! I'm impressed! I like Liz's tip, and I'd be hounding Pinterest too. You can get glass ornaments cheap pretty much everywhere these days. I hope we see lots of pictures from these parties!

  3. just breathe through it. i'm just starting my christmas shopping, a bit behind the 8 ball... goodluck xxx

  4. Wow, and I thought I was busy helping my parents with their sit down, catered dinner tomorrow night! Your inspiration outlets are good ones and I def think you should have a drink before your guests arrive to take the edge off:) Good luck!

  5. @Happenstance Thank goodness all three are buffet style. I'm thinking one sit down is equal to three buffets. Your mom is in good hands! Yes, I think a glass of wine is the best antidote ;)

  6. @Liz Liz, I'm liking this holiday decor idea. Not too complicated, really festive. Just went to the tree lot last night and picked up greens. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. sweet paul is just the cutest. he's like the new martha.


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