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i thought it might be fun to show you some images that were inspiring me while i got dressed for our family party this past sunday night. the silhouette i tried to capture was the one above of that fabulous woman town car bound, taken by the satorialist. (tried being the operative word.) i love the masculine cashmere sweater paired with the feminine, flirty skirt. i also put a little paint on my face a la that j.crew model above, which is huge for me since most days i'm sans make-up. (i know a few girls who are loving that red lip right there. it's a beauty.) i also combed my hair and attempted a heidi braid. don't think that i didn't ask myself a couple of times if i was too old to rock a heidi braid, because i did. however, by the time it was done and running across the top of my head, guests were arriving. so, i ran downstairs and didn't look back. the tweens at the party gave me compliments. what does that mean?! the final (and best) touch, were those tiny l-o-v-e earrings that my dear friend gave to me for my birthday. they are the sweetest things. ever.

so, what's inspiring you while your dressing for your holiday festivities? i would love to know...

image source: the sartorialist / heidi braid via a cup of jo / red lip by j.crew via the the neo-traditionalist / photo taken by me of love earrings by anthropologie

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  1. Oh wow! I'm so tickled that you shared your inspiration for your wardrobe! It makes me want to see how you pulled it all together because I bet it would have been just as stunning as these photos if not more so.

    I am trying to track down a red lip today at Sephora (sadly sold out at Nordstroms), wish me luck!. And I never was a dab hand (always wanted to say that!) at putting my hair up. We have a party on Friday. Maybe I'll try!

  2. oooh... i need to add this red lip look to my holiday look too! I've been seeing it everywhere! I love that you were able to pull off that braid! It definitely adds the feminine touch quite nicely! As for the tween compliements? It means that you were on trend and they probably were admiring what a rock'n mom looks like :)

  3. Oh and how awesome are those earrings too!! I'm in LO VE with them :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

  4. @LAUREN - I'm so excited you're going lipstick shopping (fun!). I'm liking Viva Glam by MAC. It has a little blue in it, making it a crimson red, and it's matte. A little dab will do you. Re: hair, if you're feeling adventurous, check out A Cup of Jo's hair tutorials. There are many different styles and they're all really pretty.

    @LIZ - Ha, I don't blame you...I wouldn't be able to resist the LO VE reference either. Hey, thanks for the compliment. I promise I wasn't fishing for one. Though, I'll take it ;) You helped reassure me because I thought the tween comp confirmed my fear that I was skewing a little young.

  5. Well, I've ended up with Truly Red by Laura Mercier, BUT I am not at all opposed to more red lipstick! And I need to go back to Nordstroms anyway... thanks for the tips! I think Liz is totally right about the tween compliments!

  6. Ahh, I bet you looked amazing:) I too ask myself about the Heidi braids ... hee, hee. I'm going to start by polishing my nails a bright red. I think that'll get me inspired since I can't remember the last time I even painted my nails! ugh:)

  7. it's great to see your inspiration! i just bought the satorialist's book - for just that purpose - to admire his photography and get inspired (for photography, not fashion - i'm a teacher!) joy and happy christmas, n

  8. oh theresa, such beautiful inspiation photos! i'd love to see a pic of you all dolled up! so impressed with the red lippie, i'm a bit nervous re:makeup. my look is usually au naturale with a coat of mascara. love to be able to rock bright red lipstick!

  9. @LAUREN - So excited for you. Watch, you're going to look and feel so pretty. I love Laura Mercier. I'll have to check out that color.

    @H - You can totally do Heidi braids! Ah, pretty red nails are my favorite. Short and sassy, right? Cannot wait until I can paint my fingernails again [wink].

    @NOREEN - But you're 5'11" and a runner. Your body was made for fashion. :) I know, isn't The Sartorialist amazing, as is his partner Garance Dore?! I definitely need to check out his book. Worth the buy?

    @LEAH - I'm with you, most days I'm au naturale too. But, I bet you could do it, the red lip. I bet you.

  10. @Noreen: one of my dear friends and most fashionable people I know is a teacher. Her favorite age is 4th grade but she's taught little kids too. No reason not to go for it. And I work at home! By myself! ALONE! I'm trying to dress up for "just me!"

    I'm totally going to look for those hair tutorials and make my mom try them on me while she's here!

    And I've been painting my nails for the first time EVER too...so glad short nails are finally fashionable! Haven't tried red though, just the dark, dark plums, grays and browns. xo

  11. I love all of it, especially the red lip, nail, and pretty braid. I'm also loving all the sparkly nail polish I have been seeing.


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