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since i failed to make my (normally scheduled) fashion post yesterday, i decided to roll fashion and home into one post today. this little detour actually works for the best since there was much overlap between fashion and home design in 2011. (i am sure such is the case in any given year.) below are some of the ways i was seeing the two influencing each other:
black+gold image source: jenna lyon's master bathroom via urban grace interiors / oh joy! wallpaper for hygge & west / alexander mcqueen via fgr / jewelry mine / school house electric
stripe image source: design*sponge / pile of stripe shirts mine / wingback with stripes school house electric

sparkle image source: confetti system / zara dress via fgr / j.crew ballet / west elm pillows

black and gold was wildly popular this year both in fashion (accessories and clothing) and interiors. well, black and anything, really (gold, brass, natural wood...). i'm pretty sure jenna lyon's master bathroom started the whole thing. am i wrong? 
stripes, stripes, glorious stripes! this pattern was everywhere - bedding, pillows, rugs, drapes, upholstery, painted stripe walls...and, most of all, the ubiquitous tee shirt. can one have too many stripe shirts? is an intervention needed here?
enchanting and magical sparkles. the texture instantly makes you feel feminine and celebratory. like stripes, i saw sparkles everywhere, but my favorite form had to be the nails...sparkley, pretty nails.
of course, there were other fashion and home overlaps - tribal/ethnic, tomboy/masculine, graphic - but, i'll stop while i'm ahead. what other fashion/home trends did you notice in 2011? 

ok, everyone, i hope you're all having a great week. i will be back on friday where we can all discuss our resolution/goals/hopes (whatever you like to call them) for 2012. let's get crackin'.

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  1. looks great! not sure of any trends - but sparkly nail polish - i got into that one, and a few students noticed. it's fun. see you friday!

  2. @NOREEN - Now you've got solid confirmation that sparkly nails are fun if the kids noticed. Nice! Hope you'll share some of your resolutions on Friday.

  3. the sparkly ballet flats are so lovely! ever since i saw laurens pair i've been wanting a pair too! ... and jenna lyon's bathroom is amazing! xxx

  4. great posts ... very chic! I think 2012 is simply going to increase my obession with stripe accents! I have stripe pillows, walls, shirts :) Hmmm, maybe I will add an area rug!!!

  5. Somehow I missed this one, but I couldn't let the year end without saying how much I loved it! I love the constant crossovers between fashion and home design. Stripes are one of my all time favorite fabric print; I think I own more striped shirts than a pirate and French girl combined. And I love love love that tassel garland you included in the sparkly section. I saw it on a house tour on Apartment Therapy a while ago and thought it was so sweet and elegant.


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