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say, do you guys dress up for your holiday parties? well, the first of three holiday parties that we are hosting is taking place this sunday. i'm desperately trying to get motivated and in the holiday mood, and think about festive outfits. here is a mash up of what i've been throwing around in my head: pretty braided hair, something sparkly on top, some pretty wrist love, something sparkly on bottom, tuxedo pants, and some beautiful heels. honestly, though, it's really chilly here in southern california - 53 degrees and it's raining! (i know, we angelenos are pansies.) all i really want to wear is leggings, a cable knit sweater, and thick knee-high striped socks. still working on that motivation...and who am i kidding with the heels? (though, those are pretty amazing.)

oh, speaking of holiday parties, my husband had his company holiday party this past weekend. we went k1 racing, which is the big brother of go-cart racing. i have to admit, i was kind of into it. those little guys can top out at 40 mph! i'm not a competitive person, but when i put that helmet on and got into that little car, i felt the need for speed. if you have one of these k1 racing tracks near you, i highly recommend. it's a great way to let off some steam. (ps~i'm kind of sore today.)

image source: 1,3&6 streetfsn / 2,4&5 zara

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  1. Okay, That does it. There was a girl (young woman, cough, cough) at my workshop who had the most gorgeous glitter flats. I've found some similar ones that aren't too expensive, but it's so hard to buy presents for one's self at the holidays. Your post has inspired me! Off to purchase. Can't wait to hear about your parties!

  2. Love this mashup! I, too, will be fighting wearing leggings and a huge sweater w/ boots to my parties this weekend! It's just so dang cold!

  3. @Lauren - Glittery flats are the perfect solution. They instantly dress up any outfit and are so fun! Good choice...Get 'em, you deserve it.

    @Krissy - I like the sound of that. Hm, instead of an ugly sweater themed party (so popular right now), maybe we have a leggings and huge sweater party. Cozy!

  4. gorgeous inspiration! and glittery flats sound perfect! after a few drinks and dancing maybe you won't feel the cold. hope to see pics of your outfit! xxx

  5. theresa, wow - awesome mash-up! really cool the way it goes down the body. i like the wrist love and the leggings. i'm 5'11", so sparkly flats would be fine.

    also i've always wanted to drive a race car - not race, mind you, just drive fast on a track. sounds like k1 is a lot of fun!! happy wednesday..

  6. love this layout!! (& yes..i've done k1 speed racing and it's SOOOO fun!)

  7. I agree. I want to wear thick socks and boots, but I have some holiday-ish items that I must wear or they'll be put away til next year. Teri

  8. @Leah - That's what I'm hoping - The chill is nothing a little vino can't fix. [wink]

    @Noreen - Yes, I have become a true believer in the sparkly flat as a solution to all your wardrobe woes. (I thought you might appreciate racing. ;)

    @Taryn - Ah, so you know what I'm talking about...I'm thinking a blogger meet-up at the K1 track ;)

    @BeachCity - I know, I hear ya. As a SAHM, I should definitely seize any opportunity I get to doll myself up.

    Cheers everyone!

  9. i LOVE #2! i needed some good inspiration for my work party manana! i want to come to the leggings and big sweater party! i inherited a ton of my grandpa's old cashmere sweaters and they're perfect with leggings!


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