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have you written, addressed, and mailed them already? i did manage to get our holiday cards ordered. can you believe it?! i put together an impromptu backdrop, got the kids cleaned up, took quick photos, and ordered the cards from tiny prints. but, of course, now i'm wishing i would have done a cute illustration of our family, like these (so darn cute and awesome). sigh, next year. maybe that's why i'm a terrible procrastinator because i inevitably end up liking something better. i hate regret.

anyway, i digress. the cards above of for those who don't use a portrait of their family or children and instead prefer a letterpressed, screen printed, or illustrated holiday design. so darn cute and awesome!

if you can, check out the sites of each of these stationery companies. behind each one lies truly talented artists.

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  1. I'm literally in the midst of addressing Christmas cards! My goal is to get them all out today and if I do that's the earliest I would have ever gotten them done! You SHOULD do a family illustration next year and I will have to commission you to do ours too:)

  2. I love that Carrie Gifford card! Soooo pretty! I haven't mailed mine yet...eeep! xo

  3. i love the simplicity of no. 2. gorgeous line up. i'm off to do a spot of chrissy shopping at our local artisan night market... fingers crossed! x

  4. I am un-done. Ordering right now. Using a photo from one of my posts, but at a crappy drugstore printing (that's what I get for procrastinating!), I'm not totally thrilled. Toss in a pic of Callum, and at least I'm sending them this year! I love the idea happenstance had. Be prepared to illustrate my family next year too!

  5. hi theresa,
    you're ahead of me! i haven't taken my children's picture yet, so i might end up with no-picture cards. time is going by! joy and happy friday.


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