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i'm sure by now everyone is done decorating their homes for the holidays. BUT, i stumbled across this amazing site, sania pell, that i had to share with you all. perhaps you already know of sania? she's got mad styling skills and her site is full of inspiration. there are so many great ideas and projects, and the photography is absolutely beautiful (quiet and restrained, unlike my hot mess). i was really blown away. i know, watch the superlatives, but really go take a look.

from sania's site i got the idea to wrap vases in burlap. neat trick, and it was super easy as it just required me to go to the fabric shop and buy a few yards of burlap. i also got the genius idea to paint some (plain) glass ornaments gray. such a lovely affect and, again, super easy.

one other fun thing i did was make a string of pom poms to hang over the fireplace. this project i (surprisingly) didn't find on sania's site, but on honestly wtf (another really cool site for diy projects). i stayed up until midnight on friday making those little buggers while watching old episodes of gossip girl. ah, me time... sooo, what kept your hands busy this holiday season?

image source: saniapell.com, photographed by uli schade

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  1. Gorgeous. I don't go to her site often enough. We did a pom pom garland years and years ago for our tree (darn thing is a BEAR to pack away each year...I think it's the yarn I used in between the poms), but maybe next year I'll put it on our mantle.

    You did some beautiful stuff.

  2. You had me at "old episodes of Gossip Girl." The glory years were the ones when they were still in high school and Blair wore her ubiquitous headbands everywhere and had sex with Chuck in the back of the limo.

    Thanks for the crafting links! Your results turned out beautiful! If I ever become deluded enough to think I am crafty I'll have to give these a shot.

  3. it's so divine to watch trashy shows and craft late at night, no disturbances. i had a sex and the city addiction... great for crafting

  4. Love your results especially the flower arrangements. Btw. I can see you in your Christmas ornament ;)

  5. I am the one who is late with decorating the house for Christmas, I haven’t bought the presents yet :) I love your vases and Sania’s blog too, great idea! I think I will use some paper instead.

  6. LOVE the painted glass ornaments! Everything looks so good T. Totally impressed!

  7. @LAUREN - Uh oh, I didn't even think about the packing of the pom-poms. They might just have to stay up. Did you know that Sania Pell was in BYW? I forgot to mention that in the post.

    @ERIN - Ah, the good ol' days of GG. I am really behind in the series, but I've heard the show has fallen off a bit. No matter, it's still a guilty pleasure.

    @LEAH - Yes, Sex in the City is another good one. Thank goodness for TIVO (or direct recording)!

    @BLUEBERRY - Pretty paper with a fun design/pattern would be a great alternative to the fabric. I like that idea. A pretty wrapping paper by say, Snow & Graham, would be great too.

    @HAPPENSTANCE - Thanks, H! I especially loved painting the ornaments...A little messy, but what's crafting without a little mess.

  8. @Nina I know, isn't that neat and the photo was taken with an iPhone 4S! Can you also see my son?

  9. I loev the little splash of red color on the ornament top. I may tackle all my ornaments and color them in preparation for next year!!!


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