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one year ago (december 2 to be exact), i created this post about my appreciation for charley harper's work. because i was playing hooky yesterday at the happiest place on earth (along with 80,000 other people) and didn't prepare a proper post for you, i thought this one was worth repeating. ;) 

do you ever go back and look at your old posts? do you notice a progression, improvements, or noticeable changes in your (writing) voice? cosmetically, i see a few things i would fix about this layout. for instance, i would center charley harper's name and make sure it wasn't pixelated. it's like going back and reading old entries in your diary. you almost always find an entry where you wish you had done something differently, acted differently, said something differently...reflection is an interesting exercise. anyway...

i love the artwork of charley harper, or as mr. harper calls it, "minimal realism"...he continues, "i don’t try to put everything in, i try to leave everything out...i don’t see the feathers in the wings, i just count the wings. i see exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures..." (he also has books for children which would make wonderful gifts.)

source: all images via charley harper website

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  1. Wow! These are stunning. I love the minimalism of them. I wasn't familiar with Charley Harper, so thank you for introducing me! And good for you for looking back. That's something I definitely have mixed feelings about. Like remembering things from high school. ;)

  2. i love charley harper, too, and he was from cincinnati - or he made special art for us - or somehow we claim him - so hey! you picked a really good-un! thanks for sharing again, since i missed it the first time!


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