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so i put myself on the hook to discuss aspirations/hopes/wishes/resolutions for the new year. i'm not going to lie, in tasking myself with this assignment, i began to feel a bit stressed in trying to concoct some profound goals for 2012. to add insult to injury, i'm already a little blue that the year is ending. does anyone else get melancholy after the holidays? it's like we go, go, go in the month of december, only to flatline right after christmas. it's a down i've never gotten used to*. 

regardless, i still want to reflect on 2011 and develop achievable/manageable goals for 2012 (that's what the experts recommend anyway). i'll be honest, if left to my own devices i wouldn't even bother tackling such a chore, but my better half is a HUGE believer in setting goals. he owns his own business and every self-made-millionaire-entrepreneur-autobiography he has ever read recommends setting goals. who am i to argue?

i started searching the internet and reading stuff on my bookshelf, in hopes of inspiration striking and curing the writer's block i was experiencing, but to no avail. they say to step away from an exercise if you're feeling stuck. so i took the kids on a bike ride, went to the park, and then conducted a marathon star wars lego building session with my son. still stuck. then i happened upon a tweet from holly becker of decor8 which stated, "end of year ritual: list your accomplishments!" simple as they are, these were the words i needed. a positive push in the right direction. so, here we go:

  • a year ago, i was one solid month into blogging with zero readers. 
  • two months in, i told my husband and sister about the blog.  (yay, two new readers!)
  • five months in, i attended a one day blogging workshop hosted by oh joy!. in that workshop, i stood up in front of 20 strangers and announced that i had a blog, and met an amazing fellow blogger. after this workshop, i thought: if i could tell 20 strangers about my blog, it was high time to announce the blog to my friends and family, which was met with great enthusiasm. (to this day i still don't understand why i waited so long...fear?) 
  • six months in, i started to get comments. yay! 
  • 10 months in and i participated in blogging your way - the best online blogging workshop, ever. 
  • 11 months in and i now have the best readers and commenters, and i feel really grateful for the community that is budding here. [psst, thank you!]
i could also list and talk about turning 40 (if you knew me in my younger days, reaching this age is a small miracle) and mom accomplishments, but i think i'll stop there. 

now that i'm in the right state of mind, i can list my 2012 goals:
  • read one book per month (before starting this blog, reading 2-3 books plus a full issue of vanity fair was no problem. now? thus, the goal.) 
  • take more photos (with the new camera i got for christmas! holler!)
  • be present / get out of my head
  • wake up each morning and think about how i can be a better person / go to bed each night and name one thing i'm grateful for
  • draw, write, create, see the world...more (i.e., get away from the computer)
  • try one cleanse / detox (any suggestions?)
  • start yoga again
  • take a class/course (byw 2.0, for sure! wishlist: blogshop. i would also lo...ve to attend alt. summit just to be around all that positive, creative blogging energy. 2013?)
  • switch from blogger platform to wordpress
  • continue growing this here blog, and building and nurturing blog community (you're the best!) 

of course there's more, but i'll leave it at that. this post is by far the longest one i have ever written!! if you have gotten this far - thank you! you deserve some kind of medal, with whipped cream and a cheery on top. ALL of this banter is leading to what i really want to know: your accomplishments and goals. if the task seems too daunting, just give me one accomplishment for 2011 and one goal for 2012. you would be doing me a huge favor and filling me with endless joy (i really do love this kind of stuff especially since oprah went to cable).

thanks for reading, thanks for participating, and, most important, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

*sort of how erin felt after her birthday ;)

16 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. I love the idea of going to bed and listing one thing I was thankful for that day, and getting up and choosing one thing to do to be a better person. That's a great resolution and I think it will fill your entire day with gratitude.

    My one goal for 2012 is to take a picture everyday to contribute to my own 365 Project. My one accomplishment for 2011 was starting a blog and getting back into writing regularly. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started again.

    I can't believe you only started this blog a year ago! You seem so...established! I feel that way about everyone else's blogs, that you guys are REAL bloggers and I'm just a beginner. As of February I'll have been blogging for a whole year, though. Crazy!

    I'm a lot like you, I spent the first 6 months writing into outer space with maybe 3 readers (and one was my mom). Suddenly, magically, I have friends and other fellow bloggers to communicate with. I love the whole experience, and I think Annie said something she learned from the Blogging Your Way course was that your post should only be the beginning of the conversation. I've really found that to be true.

    Enjoy the last few days of the year! I hope 2012 brings you lots of wonderful things.

  2. Happy new year. I too feel let down the week between xmas and new year. i don't like looking at xmas things after xmas, so I try and take everything down right away. Which can be even more depressing. However, I do look forward to the new year. I clean and organize and set my goals. I feel energized and have high hopes of what's to come. I am also getting back to yoga as you mentioned. I've been away from it and I'm bummed so that is a mush for 2012. Sounds like you have a lot to do in 2012 and I think it all sounds great! Teri

  3. Great 2012 goal!!!!! and wow so many .. mine is 1 .. aiming to bake/cook more (healthy)!! 'Read' you in 2012!!!

  4. So many wonderful goals for 2012! I started making my list last night and I've got many of the same ones:) It sounds like it is going to be another wonderful year for you and your fabulous blog! Happy New Year! Jennifer

    P.S. If you haven't gone to Purple Yoga yet, def check it out - It's the first place I've loved after trying lots of different places in LB, Seal and HB.

  5. Wow, I love all your responses! Happy, happy...See you all in 2012!

    @ERIN - I think you're 365 Project sounds really interesting. Can't wait to see. "You seem so established" is one of the best compliments I've ever received. Thank you! So happy you started a blog and got back to writing; It's clearly your forte.

    @TERI - Hm, wondering it it's too much?? ;) Holly always says to make your lists manageable. What is it about the after Christmas blues? I think someone should start a one day motivational workshop, right after Xmas, but before New Years just to help get past this lull and jump start the creative juices.

    @ADA - Cooking and baking sounds like a (one) great goal to have. I always mean to cook/bake more because every time I do it, I feel calm and good. I love working with my hands. Likewise in 2012...Keep up the great work!

    @JENNIFER - Thanks so much for the yoga tip. I haven't done yoga since I lived in New York, where I use to practice at Equinox (10 years ago!). So a personal recommendation is definitely appreciated. Will you be sharing some of your goals on your blog? Would love to read.

  6. You've inspired me to share mine! I think I'll try to put together a post this afternoon!

  7. I've been wondering if you got that new camera!

    I've (for many reasons) been very blue this past week, but these things happen. I'm ready for the new year. And I've missed hanging out with you guys. I loved reading your list of accomplishments and even more so your list of goals. Some of mine are similar, and I'd love to meet at alt. summit...maybe we should start planning!

    One of my greatest gifts was having met you this year, dear. Looking forward to 2012 with you.

  8. hello theresa,
    i love the week after christmas and before new year. for us it's a time to relax, have a pajama day, and reflect on our year. maybe you can plan something relaxing and fun for that time next year?

    your accomplishments and goals - wonderful. blogging is work. it's creative, exciting, and interesting, but it's still work. i love coming to visit your blog and seeing what you are up to.

    accomplishment - started blog. goal - don't burn out. keep enjoying it and learning. happy new year!

  9. Okay I did it! Have a wonderful new year!

  10. oh honey, this is awesome! i love your list.
    my accomplishments this year: starting my blog in august and opening up my online store; meeting such beautiful women at BYW which has led to such lovely friendships an connections; seeing the beauty around me.
    for 2012 i wish for a dslr camera and to take a photography course.
    i am so glad to have met you. thank you theresa, and happy new year xxx

  11. Thanks Erin, I am very wise you know! (actually I just repeat Holly on loop)

    And thank you all of you for saying you've been feeling a bit down. I've been feeling glum for a few days and been feeling guilty as everyone else is so happy and up. I feel like i'm being really ungrateful and I'm so glad it's not just me that get's the inbetween melancholy.

    Teresa I've only found your blog recently and I love it. I agree with Erin, it's very professional. I also feel like a baby blogger but wow what a different blogging every day (ish) makes!

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year and can't wait to read all your brilliant posts next year!


  12. I agree, meeting and being able to communicate with all of you has been a really wonderful gift.

    @JENNIFER - Yay! I'm off to go read it. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

    @LAUREN - It's feels comforting to know I'm not alone in this feeling. I suspect we'll start to feel better as we get back into our groove again and the new year begins. PS~I had a chocolate martini last night and thought of you. Though it wasn't dirty or straight up, it was fun. ;)

    @NOREEN - I think you've discovered the antidote to these blues - go on a road trip. I've been enjoying your beautiful pics. Your goal for 2012 - don't burn out - is a very good one.

    @LEAH - Yup, starting a blog is a huge accomplishment. I think we can/should all be proud that we got blogs off the ground AND are maintaining them. I'm hoping you get that new camera and a photography course. May have to join you. :) (I'm also hoping for some peace for you...)

    @ANNIE - Yes, blogging everyday (ish) makes all the difference. And blogging for a year...For me, I found my voice and figured out all the little blogger quirks (though I'm sure there's plenty more to learn). I'm looking forward to seeing your site redesign and reading more of your adventures in 2012!

  13. Hey sis,
    It's funny...I too feel an overwhelming sense of coming up with profund (life changing) new year's resolutions, and feel a bit stressed in thinking about the possibilities! I like the thought of listing accomplishments first, and then composing doable goals from there. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. A great set of goals. And I know the feeling when you get comments.. I am excited about every single one I get and when someone follows the bog it is elation. To think someone really cares about what I have to say or share.
    I started a one line a day journal last year where i write one thing about that day.. and when it is just one thing it makes you focus on the days events and really see how many wonderful things happened that day. It is also great to look back on.. to see what happened that day last year.

    Happy New Year

  15. So proud of where you started in 2011 and where you are going in 2012! One of my accomplishments for 2011 was to be featured online! And one of my goals for the new year is to plan my wedding and enjoy every single moment of it! I can't wait to start sharing ideas.

  16. @MICHELLE - Hey, sis. I've been waiting for you ;b Glad I could be of some help. That's my goal. xoxo

    @HENZY - Thanks for coming to visit. Need to spend some time looking at your beautiful photography! For Xmas, my good friend gave me a five year journal where the goal is to write a line or two about your day. Like you, I'm looking forward to this daily reflection.

    @LIZ - Can't wait to see your planning process! If you're walking down the aisle, who's going to take your wedding photos? ;) I wish you tons of fun and happiness during this most exciting time.


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