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above are a few out takes of the "photo shoot" we did with the kids for our holiday card. we had fun; the kids not so much. we did manage to get them to laugh. the cards have since arrived. now onto addressing, stamping, and mailing them. 
in other news, as i've mentioned a dozen or so times before (thanks for indulging me), we are gearing up for a big celebratory weekend. we'll be doing lots of preening, prepping, and partying. on saturday night, our little city will be having their annual holiday boat parade. it's always fun to see the boats decked out in holiday lights and the homes on the canal open for the festivities. and on sunday, sunday, SUNDAY, is our family party. i'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out. 

what i'm most interested in hearing is what you all are up to this weekend. any parties? any staying in doors for a cozy night? whatever you do, please be safe and have a wonderful weekend. i will silently raise a glass of pinot to you all this weekend: cheers! salud! kampai! skal! okole maluna!

in parting, i leave you with some things i was grateful for and loving this week:
  • because i did a u-turn on the gift guide, here are two real ones that you'll love for certain. one for the tomboy and one for the kids.
  • if you need further inspiration for gift giving, make sure to check out the post social.
  • whenever i need to remind myself to slow down and appreciate life, i always stop by thelittlest. it's the sweetest littlest blog.
  • i found this wildly funny blog*: like want need. if you need convincing read this, and then peruse the rest of the site. pinky promise, erin's taste and writing are good.**
  • speaking of funny, you have to watch this.

happy weekend!

*found via insidelogy.com
**i love to laugh. it's the best antidote for, well, anything. for me, a good laugh ranks right up there with a good massage. no, seriously.

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  1. Okay, so here I was all prepared to leave a comment fawning over your adorable children (the red pants are too amazing for words) and now I have to totally re-strategize and leave a comment fawning all over the (TOTALLY UNDESERVED) shout-out you gave me! You're way too kind, Theresa. But um, I'm really not funny. I don't want people to be disappointed when they find that out, haha. I'm so happy you found me because it means that I get to read your blog everyday now. Have a great weekend and good luck at the boat parade! Make sure to blast this while you're there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8F3UE9qFsg&ob=av3e

  2. Theresa, as you head out to begin your fun holiday festivities, I wish you a most merry weekend! Your photo shoot with your kiddos turned out adorable! I love the patterned background you used (from IKEA?) It mimics the playful energy of your kids perfectly!

  3. Love the backdrop! And your kids are soooo adorable! Thanks for the links! I will be sure to check them out : )

  4. beautiful! oh the adorable-ness is almost too much!
    love the background. i'll raise my glass to you too honey x

  5. theresa - have a wonderful time at your party. enjoy. can't wait to hear. joy to you!

  6. ps. awesome picture of your children. so creative, and they are adorable!

  7. Theresa that's so lovely of you to link to me! As with Erin I just popped by to read your blog and was a bit gobsmacked to see insideology mentioned. Thank you!

    Erin is the funniest person on the internet. And that Halloween post is also my favourite of hers. I love her. She knows this.

    Love the background to the photo - is that wallpaper or fabric? And your kids are so cute!


  8. I am totally digging like want need too! What I am not digging is that I thought I commented wishing you luck day and days ago and I don't see it here. :( I've been thinking about you and all your festivities this weekend. Hope your cheeks hurt from smiling too much! xo

  9. hi theresa, i nominated you for the versatile blogging award. hooray for you and your wonderful inspiration!

    you can check it out on my blog for the rules, etc. i hope that link works. if not, just go see my blog.

  10. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and kind comments (my kids are blushing). We survived our whirlwind weekend!

    @ERIN - Much deserved. The mere fact fact that you found and left that hilarious boat video in your comment, proves my point - You funny. (Love Andy Sandberg.)

    @LIZ - Ah, thanks! Yes, Ikea fabric. Do you remember it from the Decorate giveaway, as well? That fabric gets around.

    @TORI - Thanks, T! Get ready to for some funny.

    @LEAH - Loved our twitter toast. Our virtual clinking of glasses.

    @NOREEN - Thanks for it all! I need to get on this blogging award business. Such a wonderful gesture...Thank you again.

    @INSIDEOLOGY - NO, thank you. Because of you I found Like Want Need, so I must give proper credit. I'm also enjoying your site, as well. Loving your photo tips. (The backdrop is fabric from Ikea. They actually have some pretty cool, inexpensive fabric.)

    @LAUREN - My cheeks definitely hurt, along with my sides from laughing, my legs from boat-parade walking, and my tummy from a plethora of food intake. Yay for the holidays!

  11. What GREAT smiles!!!! I love the background design too!


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