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here is a small list of items that i think would make great gifts for that someone special in your life this christmas. i guess a gift guide of sorts. ok, you're seeing right through this, right? these are items that i would love to receive. i should be ashamed of myself; so greedy. to be fair, i have given some of these items as gifts before. i know the recipient loved them [wink]. perhaps my little list will help inspire you??
  • books and magazine subscriptions - these are great gifts to give and receive. they're not too expensive and the bibliophile in your life will love them.
  • 4/3 camera and a 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens - i'm putting this on my list in hopes that my husband will read this post. i am hoping for a new camera this christmas. after many discussions with avid photographers in our family, it was agreed that a 4/3 camera is the best option for me right now because of the camera's size and lens options. wishing...
  • striped hand towels - i love the bohemian look of these hand towels. i'm thinking all the bathrooms in our house need a couple of these towels. in with the new, out with the old.
  • polka dot intimates - this set is so perfect. one part sweet with just the right amount of sexy.
  • framed art print - i'm slowly starting a collection of prints. this particular one by lisa congdon would make a great addition.
  • candles - i love candles. i think they make the perfect gift because really great candles, like diptyque or jo malone, aren't cheap. one criteria i try to keep in mind when buying a gift: purchase something the person wouldn't buy for themselves, but would love to have.

image source:
lisa congdon print via 20x200 / diptyque canldes

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  1. I have an Olympus Pen 4/3 camera and I love it! It's so much smaller than a dslr but more or less does the same stuff. For my level anyway! would love one of the pancake lenses though.....

  2. I think you're brilliant to have a list on your blog. Didn't get around to doing it this year, but I remain hopeful that my family can read my mind! Fingers crossed on the camera...you'll have to let us know!

  3. My mom bought me a Vanity Fair subscription a few years ago as a stocking stuffer and I've been renewing it ever since (I even have that issue on my night table right now!). Magazines are great presents. As are Diptyque candles. AND those West Elm hand-towels. Your taste is rather excellent, Theresa!

  4. oh, i love the camera. i'm using my iphone and am over the out of focus photos. fingers crossed that you get the camera!
    the polka dot intimates are gorgeous too!

  5. @Insideology - I've noticed that you've been doing some experimenting with your camera and getting wonderful results. Your photos reassures me that this is the best option for me right now.

    @Lauren - I really didn't mean for the list to be a personal wish list, but it definitely went in that direction. [chuckle]

    @Erin - I definitely need to get a VF subscription. Can you believe I buy each issue on the news stand. Every month I do this, I kick myself for not subscribing!

    @Leah - Ha, I'm using my iPhone for most of my photos right now, too. In it's defense, the 4S does take pretty decent photos, but I would love to upgrade.

  6. Just wanted to say, I really wish Blogger had a better commenting system, like WP. Wordpress has the best commenting system. Anyways...

  7. hi there, i'm with you about bloggers comment system. do they have a suggestion box? let's ask. they need to know it's really lunky like it is.

    so, hmm. i've given excellent educational magazine subscriptions to family, and they loved it (the Cricket magazine group has top quality ones for kids), but i've never given one to an adult. great idea! like all the others, except the polka dot undies. you get to 47, and don't buy your sisters those things anymore!

    good luck with the camera. i'll need more information. i don't even know what a 4/3 camera is!

  8. @Noreen - It's true, less and less attention is paid to undergarments as one ages. Didn't Oprah have a whole show dedicated this issue?

    a four/thirds - right in between a point-and-shoot and dslr. hm, this could be a good topic for a future post. Thx! ;)

  9. I think it costs $15 for the year, which is a HUGE bargain off newstand price! But hey, at least you're doing your part to keep print journalism in business!

  10. my iphone is a 3GS. i've heard the camera in the 4S is better! i can upgrade in july! yay!

  11. I LOVE the striped towels!!! I went to order some the other day only to find out that they were backordered .. like not available until about MARCH (I think). I was crushed :( I'll keep an eye on them just in case the availability changes (fingers crossed).

  12. I've been failing to keep up with my usual blog reads so sorry this comment is past due, but I LOVE this guide and agree that Lis Congdon is wonderful!


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