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so, there is this movement happening for "lawn reform". who knew? i certainly didn't. i must say, my kids and i do a lot of walking/biking in our neighborhood and i have noticed many homes opting for, what you could call, a meadow landscape. i just thought it was a new trend in landscape design. little did i know it's a movement towards removing or reducing lawns from homes, and thus decreasing all the water and resources it takes to keep that lawn green and pretty. in addition to the "meadow look", people are also electing to build victory gardens and gravel courtyards (aka draught tolerant landscape design).
while i am no green thumb, i do like the idea of this movement, especially victory gardens. i think i'll put gardening on my bucket list…it's not a pastime i can tackle any time in the near future, but i could see myself loving gardening later in life; like golf. 

note: this post was inspired by better shelter, who are "fans of NO lawns". please click here if you would like to learn more about these lawn alternatives.

image source: exterior home shots via dwell magazine, 1 2 & 3 / victory garden photos better shelter blog

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  1. Well, we have a lawn. But. My husband started a small victory garden last year with plans to go a bit bigger next summer. As long as he reminds me it's out there (duh!) I love cooking with self-produced produce from our own patch of earth. Now that the beds are bare, the dogs love sleeping in them!

  2. The woman who owns the house I live in ripped out all of the sod in the front of our house and planted veggies and fruit! It's awesome and all of our neighbors know they can just take whatever they need any time. Portland is cool like that!

  3. Wow, you ladies have got me all inspired, and impressed!

  4. We have a small vegetable garden, too, but the deer ate the tomatoes this year. I would like to see lawn reform to reduce the chemicals people put on their lawns. We live on a hill, and I'm afraid that in the rain the chemicals run down to the nearby little river. Also I like to run by and smell fresh air!


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