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what's in a name?

the acclaimed photographer, irving penn, and legendary designer, issey miyake, worked together for 13 years. a retrospective of their working relationship has been captured in book form and as an exhibition in tokyo titled, irving penn and issey miyake: visual dialogue. in their 13 years together, miyake never attended penn's photoshoots and penn never attended one of miyake's runway shows. instead, they created a visual dialog between them based on trust. (wow!)

along with rei kawakubo of comme des garcons, i have long been a fan of miyake's work. which explains the reasoning behind my daughter's middle name. the decision was between issey and rei, and issey won. when my mother, who is from japan, learned that issey would be the middle name, she balked, "her middle name can't be issey. that's a boy's name." this reaction made us love it even more. we are big fans of surnames for first names and boy's names for girls. i'm curious, what names for children do you like? do they have special meaning? are you more traditional or slightly unconventional?

little trivia: did you know that all of steve jobs' signature black turtlenecks were made for him personally by issey miyake? (i mean, miyake didn't hand knit them or anything, but they knew each other ;)

image source clockwise: 1 book cover /  2,3&4 Stylesight.com

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