{for the love of water...}

aren't the photos above just dreamy? when i stumbled across this editorial for fashion gone rogue, what immediately caught my eye was the top photo with (what looks like) hand lettering running across the image - beautiful sentiment. the entire editorial has this really beautiful beach bohemian style happening. not to mention, the photos are flooded with natural light and have this vintage feel to them, which perfectly complements the styling.

it made me think: you know those family portraits that are taken on the beach where the whole family dresses in the same outfit? this photography style is exactly how i would want my family to be photographed on the beach, minus the matching outfits. [wink]

image source: fashion gone rogue

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  1. You'll have to come to our BYW meet up when/if we get it together. Email me so I can keep you in the loop if you are interested. I'm trying to have it at my house in Manhattan Beach. Teri
    email me at beachcitylifestyle@gmail.com
    and, are you on Twitter?

  2. I love it! Your family's picture in this style - nature family, serious and beautiful.

    The coolest matching outfits I saw on a Christmas card were t-shirts that said FREE HUGS. Cute. But I'm with you on that one.


  3. love those photos too...we're gearing up for our (first ever, really) family photos, and I'm s.t.r.e.s.s.e.d!!!

  4. So glad you enjoyed everyone!

    Lauren: If you need some inspiration be sure to check out: http://maxwanger.com/lifestyle or http://www.kristineldridge.com. Have fun with the family portraits!


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