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ok, i'm officially obsessed with zara. i can't help it. the november lookbook (like september's) is so good. i know, it's the tailoring and the styling because when i go into zara and try on the clothes, they never look this good (on me, anyway). regardless, the lookbook is still full of great ideas, styling tips, pairings, and color combinations. (hm, just noticed that in all the outfits i selected, black is the constant foundation. i'm officially a blackoholic.)

ps~when you go to zara's homepage, there is a sweet little video by the selby. perhaps you've seen it floating around the web?

source: all images via zara website

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  1. Hi Theresa-
    Love the Zara lace skirt look. I was looking at your "home" posts and I'm so inspired. Thanks for visting my site as well. I love your site layout so much (did I already tell you that?). Anyway, have a nice holiday! Teri

  2. Thank you, Teri! You made my day. Yes, enjoying your site too. I always look forward to visiting to see what you're up to. You have a great Thanksgiving, as well.

  3. Theresa, I've been in love with Zara since I first visited a store in Central America a few years back. These are beauties! Love the shorts with the floral top...sigh... :)

  4. Oh no!!! I hadn't seen this yet. I anticipate major shrinkage in my bank account. I love there clothes!

  5. Hi Theresa,
    Now we need a party! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I love the dress at the top right. I'm desiring something beautiful for the holidays. And i hadn't heard of Lemlem but after a quick perusal i like what i see! Thanks for the introduction x

  7. Love the first photo! I'm going to check out their lookbook, I could definitely use some styling tips : )

  8. ooh! I gotta get to a Zara soon! Love these looks!


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