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it's black friday. are you out and about? 
us? we are packing, and hoping we don't forget anything. but, as i keep reminding myself, it's not like we're traveling off the map; target is everywhere. so, this time tomorrow, we will be right on that exact same beach up top. along with bathing suits, sunscreen, and light layers, we are preparing for the five hour flight with two youngsters. ever have such an experience? i tell you, it's an adventure all its own. i welcome any cool ipad apps you can share [chuckle]. though, here's how we see it: lots of work upfront and at the end, but the middle is pure bliss.

as i've been eluding to the past week, i will be celebrating one full year of blogging on sunday, 11/27. (27 is my lucky number and here is the first post that started it all.) so, on monday i have something really special planned for you. please make sure to stop by, if you can. besides reaching a blogging milestone, i'm reaching a life milestone and i want to share the love.

after monday, i'm thinking things will be a little quiet around here as i try to unplug and recharge. though, i may miss you so much, i could quite possibly pop in. we shall see...i will be on twitter @inspirationCOOP sharing pics, if you would like to follow along; i welcome your virtual presence. (sheesh, i only just started using twitter in october and it's quickly becoming addictive. you were right, h!)

ok, friends, have a great weekend! don't go too crazy shopping. i will see you on monday!!

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  1. Have so much fun on your trip. Sounds amazing! Will def watch out for your Twitter updates:) And congrats on one year of blogging!

  2. a five hour flight with two little ones is a challenge. but you're probably there now, and having fun. i hope the weather is perfect for you. i need twitter tutoring! i'm signed up, but never use it or even remember to go. happy 1 year!! see you monday!


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