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this weekend my better half and i will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary! in total, we've been together for 13 years. that's a whole lot of years, people. besides living, this relationship is the longest i've done anything in my life! for those of you who've been married a long time (or even a short time), you will undoubtedly agree it's no small feat. it takes work. you can't take each other for granted. in the event that one of you does take the other for granted (because it will happen), pray to god that you're not taking each for granted at the same time. then the levy breaks.

in the september issue of elle magazine, i read this great quote from gwenyth paltrow, commenting on her parent's 32 years of marriage: 

"I used to say to my dad, 'How did you and mom stay married for all this time?' And he'd say, 'Two things. Number one: You gotta have the same dreams. One person can't be daydreaming about walking down the street in Paris, the other person wants to work in a coal mine. You've gotta want the same stuff.'

At number two, she laughs. "He said, 'We never wanted to get divorced at the same time.'"

happy anniversary, my dear! so happy to be sharing dreams with you.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 16th a few days ago. Isn't marriage wonderful! Here's advice my grandmother gave me: I always had my own money, and I always bought his clothes. They were married for well over 50 years.

  2. Happy new adventures! I just asked my husband to marry me tonight. He laughed and said, "I'm taken." The kids smiled. It IS work, but a joyful work. Your pictures are clear and just perfect.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for your well-wishes.

    Lauren: Congratulations on 16 years! You go! I love your grandmother's advice...I second that notion ;)

    Noreen: Ah, you're so romantic! I agree it IS joyful work, and you reap the most wonderful benefits.

    All the best!

  4. Beautiful vignette, Theresa! Those dahlias are such a rich, vibrant color and I love them next to the orange pumpkins.

    Happy anniversay and many more years!!

  5. congratulations and happy anniversary! definitely no small feat! typically i have an aversion to gwenyth but that was a really sweet/funny quote... love it:)

  6. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you!....This is beautiful!...and I love that quote..."We never wanted to get divorced at the same time"...Ha.


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