{the art of collecting...}

i love the idea of photographing the things you collect or personal possessions. the photos in themselves become little pieces of art that you could frame and hang on a wall. perhaps even make a gallery wall. then you would have a collection of a collection. spiffy.

i'm also a huge fan of taking photos from above - little bird's eye view, if you will.

above are some my favorites using this technique (clockwise): 

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  1. Hi Theresa,
    I am stopping in from the BYW course and wanted to tell you I'm loving your blog. Hope you're enjoying week four...WEEK FOUR...I'm sad it's coming to a close!

  2. I'm popping in from BYW too. Really enjoying your blog as well, and I love those collections. Especially the twigs.

  3. Thank you so much for spending some of your time with me. I, too, am sad that the course will soon come to a close. All the more reason to stay on top of the connections we've made. It's been a wonderful experience.

  4. i love these little collections. at first glance, i thought that sketch was one of yours! totally could be...

  5. Hi Theresa, I am here from BYW class, well not directly I found you at Kinga’s blog http://suite404.blogspot.com/. You have such a beautiful blog I just subscribed to it through bloglovin. I will be back to your blog again! I am sad also for course to come to the end, but so glad I participating in it.


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