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only love can break your heart by saint etienne. ah, this songs reminds me of shopping at amoeba records on telegraph avenue in berkeley back in the 90's. remember when we use to buy records? then, we witnessed the advent of tape, then cd, and now the rise in popularity of digital. i shutter to think what my kids will be listening to when they are my age. a chip implanted into their tooth that streams music??

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  1. Such a pretty song! I enjoyed letting it play while I looked at the rest of your posts. And just so you know, when I visited my daughter in Brooklyn a few summers ago she took me to the record store! She dj's at clubs on occasion with her Ipod full of 50's music! I'm so glad to have found you through BYW.

  2. Hola from BYW I enjoy the song.Also enjoy the post musical chairs, and lovely fashion picks
    Happy monday

    ps beautiful kids


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