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thriller by michael jackson. first, huge apology for the cliche, but it's halloween and who knows when this holiday will fall on musicality monday again. plus, our family loves michael jackson, especially our son. so, happy halloween! make it a safe one tonight.

ps~do you remember when this music video first debuted on mtv? i remember going next door to a friend's house (my crazy parents didn't have cable) and was SO excited to watch the world premier. we watched the viedo in its entirety, glued to the television and speechless. ah, those were the days.

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  1. Yup, I remember. And I used to try and do the dance too.

  2. i didn't have cable either! but i totally remember this video, listening to this album on vinyl at my bff's house, making up dances to it AND being in head over heels love with MJ. i heart the 80s:)


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