{it's coming...}

i feel it, you guys. it's coming. it starts as a little tickle in your throat. then you feel foggy and worn down. before you know it, you've caught the cold. my son caught it first and it spread slowly, but surely to each of us in the family. i'm the last. boo to colds. i leave you with this  beautiful image above because some days you just need a little eye candy. this is how i see the world right now - face down on the floor.

image source: fashion gone rogue from vogue china january 2011 / photographed by stepahne sednaoui / styled by melanie huynh

4 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. The picture is beautiful, but I'm sorry you are not feeling well. It's that time of year.

    Soup and rest, and I hope you are better tomorrow.

  2. Thank you, Noreen. So kind of you. Yes, I'm determined to ward this off.

  3. Hi Theresa-
    So nice to meet you. I"m always happy to meet bloggers from my area.
    My husband has been under the weather as well. Lots of soup!

  4. Theresa, I really resonate with the sense of your blog! I love that it's an outlet for your creativity, as well as a repository of inspiring finds. I look forward to reading again soon. Also, hope you're feeling better! Get some rest. :)



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