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when i think of charles and ray eames, images of their iconic furniture instantly come to mind. i've read very little on what the couple thought about interior design or how they decorated their home, until i came across this los angeles times article: 

Their glass-and-steel house and studio — like monolithic Mondrian canvases springing from the ground — were not merely a residence and work space. They were incubators for a new way of living. The Palisades house remains an enduring symbol of post-World War II design and L.A.'s indoor-outdoor lifestyle.
Walking through the house, which remains exactly as Ray left it when she died in 1988, one realizes that Modern did not mean minimal to the Eameses. Rugs from around the world cover the well-worn, white ceramic tile floor. Colorful textiles are draped on prototypes of the couple's classics…Tabletops and a towering bookcase in the living room are crammed with windup toys, wooden tops, hand-carved jungle beasts, kachina dolls and American Indian baskets — all vivid reminders of a lifetime of globetrotting.
"It's been said that Charles and Ray introduced the idea of decorating with everything," Demetrios  [Charles’ grandson] said. "They had a comfort level with all kinds of artifacts and understood the human need to collect things." 

i found this article so interesting because their seems to be a definite movement towards decorating your home as an extension of how you live your life, filled with items that have special meaning to you. undecorate is a recently published book by dwell studio founder & creative director, christiane lemieux, that best describes this look/movement: 

...Lemieux emboldens readers to push aside stuffy, professionally-designed d├ęcor, showing them instead how to infuse their own personality into their home. Undecorate profiles twenty homes from all over the country, revealing their owners’ love of imperfection and penchant for surprise and unusual juxtapositions while inspiring readers to follow their own whimsy and practicalities in their personal spaces. 

a lovely idea, indeed. (making mental note right now.)
ps~the photos above remind me that i need to get some plants in the house.

source: from a los angeles times article by David A. Keeps / Exterior photo by Mark Boster / Interior photos by Ricardo DeAratanha

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