{fall style, piled...}

ok, here's my fall style pile (totally inspired by five finger discounted from this j.crew tumblr post). i just thought the idea was a clever way to highlight some of the things in my closet that i'm excited to wear again this fall without having to act as model (because clearly i'm no model as these lovely and amazing ladies are, here and here). as temperatures begin to drop, i'm happy to put away summer items and bring out the fall staples. in the end, this was a great exercise because it made me realize i have A LOT of 1) j.crew and 2) black and white. the first i don't think i need to remedy (you can never have too much j.crew, right?), but i'm thinking some more color could make for a happier wardrobe. or not. i tell you, i'm a creature of habit. [chuckle]

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