{cursive is dead?...}

say it isn't so! a friend recently told me, and then my fears were confirmed on a segment of the today show, that public schools are considering removing cursive writing lessons from the curriculum. as you might guess, they're considering this idea because of the soaring and rising popularity in digital communication. i say, "no!" i remember learning to write cursive in elementary school, and loving it. cursive writing really is an art, as you can see above. it's so beautiful and timeless. i really hope this idea is completely taken off the table. i mean, what's next for our schools? no more physical education, art, and music classes?! oh, yea, already gone in some schools.

ps~two more amazing calligraphy artists: betsy and alexandra

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  1. Wow, what a strange thought! No cursive? Hmmm...my handwriting is definitely a messy hybrid.

  2. I agree! So sad. I hope it won't go away entirely. Teri

  3. I really hope they don't do away with it. If they do then I see artists being able to teach "cursive lessons" on the side. It's just too beautiful.

  4. I heard this too!! Shocking!! I'm all for technology (obviously) but I don't think that means that all other forms of communication are obsolete... far from it. We need to preserve this very useful tool even more now.


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