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i have this tee shirt (ok, my husband has this tee shirt that i stole) by marc jacobs. i fell in love with the tee shirt because of the illustration it has on the front by will broome. i love broome's work; it's quirky and fun, and a little dark. if you look closely at broome's illustrations, you can see that they're hand colored - i love that. in broome's own words:

i work in quite a naive way. i like the simple act of drawing, of making a mark. i can draw in a much more sophisticated style; i just choose to work like this. i don’t really like anything too slick or computer generated. i also work in collage - even when i do this it looks haphazard.

source: all images via will broome website

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  1. i'm a big fan of his work too! love that bottom left one! ;)


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