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i wish i was traveling in some foreign country, experiencing new sites, tastes, and smells. i really want to travel abroad with the family when the time is right. i think it would benefit the kids in a huge way to experience different cultures and see how other people live in the world. however, when is the right time? when are they too young or, even more important, when are they too old...as in, at what age will they resent their parents for pulling them away from their friends and forcing them to hang out with mom and dad in a foreign country? when will they fold their arms, look down, and mumble, "i just want to be at golf n' stuff with my friends!" i guess there is no right or perfect time. you just have to go for it. melt downs now or silent treatments later.

growing up, my family didn't have a big travel budget. however, we did take long road trips and traveled domestically quite a lot. i suppose it doesn't matter if the travel is foreign or domestic. it's the family time that counts. as my niece asked when we arrived in hawaii from los angeles, "are we in palm springs? i love palm springs."

have a great weekend everyone!

ps~if you want to see some jaw dropping travel photography, make sure to check this out!

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  1. Let's travel with our children! I'm all for it. Right age has to be before they are old enough to get a summer job.

    Joy and see you on byw!

  2. I think there is only a small window of opportunity in travelling with children, when they are old enough to remember it but young enough to still be happy to be seen with their family. Nevertheless, I reckon go for it whatever the age. Making memories is an important part of travelling with family.

  3. That's what I was thinking: You want them to be old enough to remember. Thanks for the advice, ladies!

  4. Those are some sweet pics. Credit to the photographer.


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