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if you need me, i will be sitting in that white chair, working on that white desk, rolling around on those white floors, surrounded by those white walls...i will write my blog posts, look for inspiration, read your comments (i love comments!), and answer emails. then, i will wake up from my beautiful dream. a friend told me that he recently reconfigured his desk at work in order to stand while he works, keeping a stool near for the occasional sit-down. i'm liking this idea. i imagine standing while you work would make you more confident, focused, and alert...oh, and think about the calories you would burn! [smile] hm, i'm curious, what kind of work environment makes you thrive?

update: cool article in wsj on the topic of standing while working (thanks, jared ;)

source: jessica helgerson interior design

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  1. i LOVE this office... all white with a little bit of wood and some greenery... perfection! a girl at my work did the desk reconfiguration to stand while typing all day and she loves it! ;)


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