lately, i've been thinking about how i can spruce up the blog a bit, what new things i can implement, new post ideas...then, it hit me, maybe a new header design is in order. so, i started sketching. i found myself on style.com (for some reason) searching for inspiration. then i found myself making little sketches inspired by various runway shows and designers. to say i went off on a tangent is an understatement. (sigh, now you know how my scattered brain works.) at the very least, i hope you enjoy my little doodles above. still working on that new header [smile].

ps~the goddess of fashion illustrations

3 Send Me Your Thoughts:

  1. these are SO RAD! how fun that you can whip up a doodle that is actual artwork... not a stick figure (aka my doodles!)

  2. It's a scary thing putting yourself out there, so thanks so much for the encouraging comments!


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