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i feel the need to slow down and appreciate. looking forward to townsend's first soccer game. oh, yea, townsend's first game last saturday was canceled due to a thunder and lightening storm that hit us here in long beach. talk about an unusual week of weather!

so, i was wondering something. what do you when you're in you're in a funky-funk? i was in one earlier this week, but then had a great, long conversation with a girlfriend and the talk pulled me out. usually when i'm feeling out of sorts, my go to antidotes are reading a great book, going to the bookstore, creating, spending time with friends, listening to music, exercising, writing, or seeing a great movie. man, i haven't seen a great movie in a while. i would love to do that this weekend. however, if you're a parent, you must know skipping out to the movies is no longer a simple task. what's even playing right now?! [smile] ok, i'll let you know if i actually achieve this goal. now you go have a great weekend!

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