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i'm exhausted. but, we did it! we are now officially moved into our new place. we spent our first night in the new digs on monday. surprisingly, the kids slept really well in their new environment, and are adjusting quite nicely. the parents? we're getting there [smile]. it's a miracle i even got some posts up what with our home internet down until september. whaaat?! (currently, working on a wireless card, and i really can't complain. i highly recommend it, if your in the need.) as an aside, i do miss our old home. i'm just sentimental that way and get attached to things. it's where eames was born and learned to walk. it's where i potty trained townsend and he started preschool. great memories. with that said, i am loving our new home and can't wait to start making new memories here. have a great weekend!

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  1. Ahh, so glad you're in your new home! I'm still sentimental about our old house too:) Hope you have a restful weekend!


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