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so, i'm happy to report that we survived the kids' dual birthday party this past weekend. above are a few highlights from the event. eames loved her headband (and kept it on pretty much all day!), townsend loved his arrow, eames couldn't wait to eat her s'mores cupcakes, and s'mores kits were given out as favors to each little guest. last, but not least, i made the paper garland and a happy birthday banner using paper source cardstock, and panera bread did the catering (in addition to an abundance of homemade goodness from family - thank you!). now i can exhale.

ps~a big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate (in physical form and in spirit). they say it takes a village to raise kids, and we have been blessed with one of the best ones around.

pps~i tell you, blogs are an amazing wealth of knowledge and inspiration [wink]. what would i do without them?? source inspiration: headbands / arrows / s'mores cupcakes / s'mores kits

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