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above are the invites i created for my son's fourth and my daughter's second birthday party. did you catch that? we decided to make it a co-ed birthday party. yea, i know, i won't be able to pull that off for much longer. we made this decision for three reasons: 1) the kids birthdays are exactly one month apart, 2) everyone is so busy during the summer months, we didn't want to ask everyone to attend two separate birthdays within a month of each other, and 3) we are moving in august (more on that later).

i was going for a native american / summer camp theme. (i can't get enough of this trend right now.) hm, i wonder if my son is going to be disappointed when he realizes he isn't having a transformer or power rangers birthday party. another thing i'm not going to be able to pull off for much longer - pushing my own birthday party aesthetics on my kids.

this year, we are keeping the party 'small', which translates into deciding not to invite some people that we normally invite, and would like to be there. mainly people sans children (or that live a long distance away). i just feel bad asking them to buy yet another gift for the kids when i can't return the favor (yet). scottie says that i think too much for other people, and that i should invite them and let them decide what they want to do. he has a good point, but i still feel bad. am i crazy? i like to think i'm compassionate [smile]. i hope no offense is taken. as you can see, this decision was not made lightly. :)

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