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i'm looking forward to celebrating my husband's birthday on saturday. his special day will be celebrated by spending time with family, including two friends in town from china (holla!), swimming with the kids, and great food. a good friend once told me, who was told by her wonderful mother, to make sure to celebrate the good times in life because there will be plenty of bad (amen to that!). armed with this sage advice and fueled by this inspiring blog i recently started reading, i am trying to remind myself to appreciate and enjoy the tiny, beautiful moments in life. admittedly, it's no easy task some days. but nothing is guaranteed in life. what you have today can be taken away and gone tomorrow - fleeting. so, be present, be present, be present. i mean, that's what life is, right? a summation of beautiful moments (now i'm repeating myself here). embrace and enjoy. repeat.

source: right 100 layer cake

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