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we are preparing to celebrate my daughter's second birthday tomorrow! two years ago tomorrow, my husband, son, and myself found ourselves at disneyland. when my husband suggested that we go to disneyland on the day of our daughter's actual due date, i didn't decline. "sure. i feel great. let's go," i heard myself saying. i got my first contraction in the parking lot - mild...nothing show-stopping. i got my second one going down the escalator, leaving the parking lot. "oh, hm, i think that was a contraction," i told my husband. "uh, should we leave?" he replied. i encouraged us to keep going. i had my third one going down main street and my fourth one outside of the buzz lightyear ride. now when i got a contraction, i had to stop walking and couldn't talk. (eminent, i know.) we started timing them. at this moment we ran into a friend, who took one look at my face and said, "you need to go!"

when i got my first contraction with my son, i didn't give birth until 12 hours later. in my mind, i had 12 hours. boy, was i wrong! a girlfriend actually warned me, "the second one comes fast, so don't mess around." i messed around. i was in full blown labor racing down the 5 freeway, and my husband was scared. "please don't have the baby in the car," i'm sure he was thinking. we made it to the hospital and i checked in at 12:00 noon. baby eames was born at 12:20 p.m. my epidural didn't even have time to take, so i had a natural child birth. i screamed bloody murder, silently apologizing to all the first time mothers in the neighboring rooms who were also in labor. i must have scared the crap out of them! god bless the women who opt for a natural child birth and are in labor for 12 hours. how is that possible?!

so, that's my funny little birth story that i will tell eames one day when she is old enough to understand. i will say to her, "mommy almost had you at disneyland and got you free membership for life." rumor? i don't plan to find out. [the end]

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  1. love this!! definitely a cute birth story xx

  2. Wow. Wonderful story. U have a beautiful baby.


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