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i am really inspired by the honesty and true grit of the amazing women/moms that are featured in a series conducted by the wonderful joanna goddard of a cup of jo, which focuses on how to find work/life/motherhood balance. the series takes place over a week's span, with each day introducing a new mom (or two) and their thoughts on the subject. while all the moms featured are wahm's, i believe there are great take-aways for every mom, whatever your situation. i take comfort in reading how other moms make it all work (or not make it all work) - there is courage and heart in sharing those experiences. if you're a mom (and even if you're not), read this series. i promise, you will not be disappointed. after, we can all breath a collective sigh of relief, knowing that we are not alone in our struggles. whether you're a sahm, wahm, p/t working, or f/t working (there seems to be no perfect arrangement), and whatever strategies you use to make it all work, we are all in this together. to all moms out there, may the force be with you!

source: personal photo taken by the amazing kristin eldridge

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