{musicality, the doctor...}

i need a doctor by dr. dre. i picked this song today because every time i hear it on the radio, it reminds me that i need to make a doctor's appointment [laugh!]. since becoming a mom, i have the worse case of momnesia. can you relate? the following things happened to me in a span of a week (no joking):
  • forgot my purse on the counter of an original penguin's store (didn't realize it until i reached the car!)
  • purchased kitty litter and forgot/left it at the bottom of the shopping cart (didn't realize it until i got home!)
  • mailed a bill and a week later it was returned to me (i put a blank check inside!)
one could politely say that i just have a lot on my mind, but i just think i'm going crazytown. have a great monday!

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