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father time. my dad stands at 6' 3" and has green or blue eyes, depending on the light. i've been told that when my dad was young, he took great care in his appearance - ironing his pants, starching his shirt collars...i mean, look at that killer pompadour!  
my dad passed on to me his appreciation for fashion, vintage cars, impeccable craftsmanship in all forms, and soulful music. by loving what he appreciated, i felt closer to him. (he also taught me how to make a bed and shine shoes military style...good things to know. ;)
we had bumps in the road that is our relationship (who doesn't?). however, by the time we reached our father-and-daughter dance at my wedding, we had mended many wounds and our relationship was stronger for it. i am grateful every day. happy father's day, dad!

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