{the art of dressing up....}

for father's day last year, i purchased this gq style manual for my husband (and me ;). i found the manual very helpful, and hilarious at times. it's full of great tips, pointers, and advice. a few important take-aways from the manual:
  • invest in a great suit, make sure it fits. the suit doesn't have to be expensive; it just has to fit really well. find and befriend a skilled tailor. "we've seen plenty of guys who've bought the right suit and let it hang off them like an nba rookie on draft night. and we've seen men in cheap but well-tailored suits who look like a million bucks." [chuckle]
  • if you're going to dress up denim, make sure your denim is dark and straight.
  • invest in a well-made dress shoe. if you only purchase one pair, go for a black lace-up. rid yourself of platypus feet - square-toe, rubber-soled lace-ups. (by the way, i do like the look of a black pant with a brown shoe; just breaking some rules.)
  • trim the (shirt) fat...buy a shirt that closely fits your torso (no need for extra fabric on the side; the shirt shouldn't blouse). shoulder seam should hug your shoulders. one finger should easily slide into the collar to ensure proper fit.
  • if you can swing it, don a hat; it adds instant polish to any outfit. "the hat is the final touch. the hat is the icing." - andre benjamin
  • funktify your outfit with socks. "your socks should have as much personality as - if not more than - the rest of your outfit." (paul smith makes the best socks.)
  • oh, almost forgot: don't forget to invest in a great, timeless watch and sunglasses.
hope this was helpful for you and/or the man in your life...

image source: photographs of the gq style manual 2011

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