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march madness...in march, i read four books in the span of two weeks (i was on a rampage!) – two dealing specifically with parenting (you are your child’s first teacher by rahima baldwin dancy (recommended by the littlest) and battle hymn of the tiger mother by amy chua); another one dealing with the reasons why some people succeed far more than others (outliers by Malcolm gladwell); and, the fourth book dealing with debunking parenting myths (nurture shock by po Bronson).  

i enjoy reading many points of view on parenting. i try to keep a very open mind, picking out and incorporating tips that i believe might work for me. i recommend all four books if you enjoy parenting topics and cultural anthropology.

one liners on each:
you are your child’s first teacher – great tips on how to (really) play with your children that fuels their imagination
tiger mother – what is the effect of forcing your child to practice playing an instrument 8+ hours per day, every day of the week, even on vacation?
outliers – bill gates is a technology genius (and one of the riches men in the world), but did he have hidden advantages that aided and propelled him? (this book may help answer the tiger mother question above - quantity of hours put in equals high quality results out)
nurture shock – following are chapter titles: the inverse power of praise, why kids lie, the sibling effect, and can self-control be taught

update: i finally finished the plague by albert camus (it only took me three months, and it's a short book!). after i finished, i came to the realization that reading classics just takes longer than reading contemporary novels. the language and writing flow is just different in classics. you cannot ‘skim’ (as i do contemporary books), you must slow down and read each sentence carefully in order to fully gleam its true meaning.  by the way, i enjoyed the plague (not as much as the stranger)…it was a slow burn.

source: amazon (apologies for the grainy photos)

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