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connection. let me first set the tone and start off by saying: i know being a mom is a very important job. i am raising future citizens of the world. that being said, as a full time sahm, i often times feel very isolated and disconnected, which can sometimes lead to a feeling of discontent with the adult (NOT the mom) version of myself. (i know moms out there will understand what i'm trying to convey.) all of which i fully realize is just a state of mind and can easily be remedied by reaching out - to other moms, friends, family, and bloggers - to discuss motherhood issues. communication is key. i know i am not alone in this feeling, and a supportive community is the antidote. aside from sharing beautiful, inspiring images and ideas, i started this blog to create and maintain a supportive community, full of like-minded, creative, positive people. 

all of this rambling explains why i am looking forward to reading joanna goddard's (a cup of jo) new series, monday motherhood moments. in announcing her new series, joanna included the BEST quote by carl jung, "loneliness does not come from being alone, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important." (perfectly said!)

source: left carter smith / right peter lindbergh via patterson maker

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